How To Set Up A QR Code Ordering System For Your Restaurant Menu?

Over the past few years, contactless dining has become an integral part of the restaurant industry. As technology advances, the need for a QR code ordering system for restaurant menus is rising in popularity.

From café to restaurants, every business is embracing the optimized approach with QR codes. It is a thing that seemed futuristic in the past but now has entered the mainstream. And the reason is simple — the QR code ordering system improves the convenience and safety of customers by serving contactless meals.

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If you're excited to join the bandwagon and integrate a robust QR code ordering system, this article will help you get started immediately. We will reveal simple steps for setting up a QR code for your restaurant menu and some of the best benefits of implementing it.

Advantages Of Using a QR Code Ordering System

Before we move to the steps on how to quickly set up a QR code ordering system, let's uncover why you need one for your restaurant.

1. No Human Error

Customers hate when their orders are flipped with others, or they don't get their meals on time. That's where a QR code ordering system for the restaurant menus saves the day. Customers can digitally send orders to the kitchen staff with a QR code menu. Instead of moving between tables to take orders in their small notebooks, your staff can focus on ensuring that the food is served well and on time.

2. Differentiate Your Brand

Do you have fancy menu item names that often confuse your customers? Brands that offer digital photo-based menus instead of text-based ones get an edge against the competition.

When restaurants showcase their meals through pictures, they entice their customers to place quick orders. A QR code ordering system for the restaurant menu allows you to add high-quality images of meals and get more orders.

Not only does the digital menu make it easy for customers to understand the dish, but it also helps you to improve sales of even exotic dishes.

In addition, replacing paper-based menus with digital ones can make your restaurant more sustainable. And the best part? You can attract customers who look for sustainable restaurants to purchase their meals, helping you tap into a broad audience.

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3. Reduce Wait Time

The longer your customers have to wait to place an order, the more likely it is that you'll lose them.

A QR code menu at each table allows the customers to order as soon as they get seated. Instead of waiting for the staff to come and take orders, they can scan the QR code menu in front of them to browse and order their meals.

Also, the QR code ordering system eliminates the wait time while paying. The QR code menu app lets customers clear their payments through various secure getaways.

All they need to do is take out their phone, scan the QR code, choose a payment method, and make a payment. That's it!

4. Fast Table Turnover

Restaurants want to serve more customers and generate better revenue. However, that's challenging when you have fewer staff members and high foot traffic.

A QR code ordering system enables you to serve more customers without feeling rushed. QR code ordering systems for restaurants enable you to dramatically speed up the service. Customers can directly send their orders to the kitchen without any waiting period, which helps employees to focus on serving more customers during the same dining hours.

The contactless ordering experience given to whoever walks into your restaurant leaves a great impression on them and makes them loyal customers.

5. Hassle-Free Menu Updates

Menu updates have never been more accessible before the launch of the QR code ordering system. Before, restaurants had to print or reprint the entire menu to add, remove, or update one or two items. But not more!

With the digital QR code menu, it is simple to add or remove items. In addition, altering the price of the meals with a few clicks is a bonus point.

Restaurants can consider market fluctuations and make necessary changes to their menu. For instance, if there is high demand for an item, you can boost the prices to gain more profits.

If you haven't yet thought about integrating the QR menu code, now is the time! Not only will it help you to boost customer experience, but it will also reduce the unnecessary workload for your staff.

QR Ordering System | Restolabs

How To Set Up A QR Code Ordering System?

During the pandemic, 33% of restaurants implemented contactless dining. The automation with the technology helped 59% of restaurants increase efficiency while 48% boosted sales.

Now that you know the multiple advantages of this digital solution, it's time to understand the easy steps to set up digital technology for your restaurant.

One of the most popular QR code ordering systems for restaurants is RestoLabs. It enables customers to send direct meal orders to the kitchen staff using a unique barcode placed at each table.

Not only will it make things more optimized and manageable for your restaurant, but the simple UX/UI interface ensures even non-tech customers can use it.

Here are the simple steps to integrate RestoLabs' contactless ordering system into your restaurant business.

Sign Up

Your first step in setting up a QR code is creating an account on RestoLabs. For this, you can sign up for the 90 Days Free Trial to understand the features of the ordering system before paying your hard-earned money.

Click here and fill out the form with your name, email ID, restaurant name, phone number, etc. Once the form is filled out, you'll get access to the advanced features of the online ordering system.

Select the Set-Up Option

The next step is to enable the dine-in setting and select the opening hours that suit your business needs.

You can customize everything from the easy-to-use dashboard. Then, select the opening hours for your dine-in services in the application.

You can modify store timings, delivery areas, and taxes with just a few clicks. In addition, RestoLabs offers round-the-clock customer service.

If you need help, you can set up a call with the expert team anytime.

Choose the Payment Method

Going contactless with a QR code does not mean you have to compromise on payment security or adjust with a few payment methods. All the payment options in RestoLabs are safe and secure, ensuring your customers can securely make their payment after having delicious meals from your restaurant.

The contactless dining solution can integrate with over 50+ payment merchants so you can offer an exceptional customer experience to your customers. You can head over to the payment section, browse various payment choices from the online ordering system, and select the one (or more) that fits your restaurant's needs.

Generate Your QR Code

Once you have submitted the complete information about your restaurant, the software will generate a QR code per your needs. All you have to do is click on the Configuration Settings on the navigation bar on your left, and select Menu Integration as shown in the image below.

But in case you want to focus on other important work and not get into the hassle of generating QR code for Menu from scratch, you can always Book a Free Demo Call with one of the tech associates at RestoLabs and share your requirement. They will not only create the code for you but also integrate it to your dashboard for ease of use.

Book a Free Demo Now

Print & Display Barcode

Lastly, you can print and display the barcode on each restaurant table. Customers can scan the barcode to access the menu whenever they enter your restaurant.

In addition, they can place their orders and receive meals at a fast pace. This will help your restaurant connect with customers who prefer contactless meals.

With these five simple steps, you can set up a QR code ordering system for a restaurant. In addition, the high-powered dashboard will help your employees better manage incoming orders and improve profitability.

Wrapping Up

Replacing the traditional menu system with a digital QR code ordering system for the restaurant menu boasts many benefits. From reducing customers' dependency on waitstaff to offering better and quick customer service, digital QR code covers all.

QR code ordering system is a relatively straightforward concept, but you'd be amazed at how it can help you build a strong reputation in front of your customers.

With RestoLabs, you can make setting up QR code ordering systems for your restaurant a breeze. In addition to the contactless dining solution, you get a unique set of features, including but not limited to customer feedback, multi-lingual ordering, multiple payment gateways, marketing analytics, a POS system, a coupon builder, and a lot more.

So, get your own QR code ordering system for the restaurant menu and level up your game with 90 Days Free Trial!