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Win over your customers with the ease of ordering online

Your customers love your food. They connect with your brand. Then why divert them to someone else's website and take a hit on revenue; make online ordering a breeze for them and increase the number of food orders that your restaurant receives on a daily basis, without the added commission.

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Benefits for your Restaurant Business

We understand you, your business, and at every step of the way, strive to deliver only the best!
Brand Connect

You get what you yearn for! A branded website that follows your brand ethos  to the full extent. It's quick, it's free, it's rewarding!

Anywhere, Anytime

Make your customers' digital ordering experience  seamless on every device, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop.

Loyal Customers

Build a thriving community and get repeat customers through  in-built customer  retention and engagement tools .

Dedicated Support

Our talented technical workforce ensures you get round the clock support to deal proficiently with your  requirements.

A glimpse at a happy customer
"My experience with the entire Restolabs team has been fantastic. I view them as important partners in my success" Here is what has made Restolabs so great to work with:

The team took the time to listen and understand my unique business needs. I felt like I was acquiring a strategic business partner and not  just  a web development vendor.

In that spirit of partnership, the experience of the team at Restolabs was able to provide leadership and recommendations that helped me make the best business decisions to meet my goals. I was able to rely on the Restolabs expertise to help drive smart business decisions.

 I was impressed by the honesty and integrity of Restolabs. I spent a lot  of time weighing multiple potential providers, so much so that I cut into  the project timeline a bit. Rafael and Restolabs did what they could to  help make up for that, but even when I pushed hard, they never  promised a date or deadline they couldn’t meet.

   Flexibility/Creative Problem Solving
As mentioned, based on my business model, I have some unique needs, and new requests that are always popping up. The team at Restolabs helps me to meet my needs with the right mix of "off-the shelf" solutions, and custom-coding as needed, helping to manage my web costs accordingly, making smart, well-informed investment decisions.

Restolabs is extremely responsive to all requests. I appreciate having direct access to support team. They get things done fast and correct on the first round, and again, always in the time frame promised.

Value is not only measured in price – although the Restolabs team is priced competitively. The first wave of web development, along with a mobile ordering app - and monthly hosting package allowed me to offer the full suite of web & mobile based ordering needed right out of the gate without breaking the bank. But the value continues in the fact that whenever I need another custom solution for my unique business needs, I can count on Restolabs to be there with an answer that is never cost prohibitive.

   Ongoing Relationship
As I envision my company expanding over the next several years, and it’s needs expanding as well, I fully expect Restolabs to continue to be an important partner in that success. In fact, in the end that was the main reason I chose Restolabs. Knowing my needs in two years will be dramatically different than they are today, I wanted to choose a partner who could support me all the way through, and I know that Restolabs is the right partner for me. 

Jim Lawlor
- Bamboos nation, Owner

Infinite values

Go Live in 5 Days

What would it mean to your restaurant business if you could start taking online orders in just five days or less? As exciting as this seems, it’s actually what we can do for you!

✅Launch a branded website in just 5 days

✅Enable online ordering, takeaway, contactless ordering, and curbside pickup with just a few clicks.

✅Reach customers directly and save yourself from paying hefty commissions per order

✅ No time for setting up the store yourself? Our Technical Support would do it for you, at no extra cost.

Sounds good? We thought so!

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Expanded Product Offerings

Curbside Pick-up

Make off-premises dining experience safe and convenient for your customers with a curbside pick up capability. Restolabs’ online ordering system allows seamless communication between the restaurants and the customers who will pick up the order.

In-Store Touchless Ordering

Our In-store touchless ordering system is designed to make the customers' dine-in journey safe and efficient, starting from ordering to receiving food and making the payment. It offers a fast and simple way to minimise human contact, encourage repeat visit, and boost loyalty.

Reduced On-boarding time

No one wants to wait for weeks and months to get to business, especially during such unprecedented times. Our onboarding process is designed to help you reach your early value in the least amount of time by putting in minimum effort.
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Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We're here to answer. If you don't find your question here, drop us a message on your contact page.

Does it work for food businesses other than restaurants?

Restolabs provides a full-service food online ordering system to a number of food-related businesses, including but not limited to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, pizzerias, wineries, food trucks, and bars. Given the interface and functionality, the system is also ideal for multi-location restaurants and eateries.

Do I need a website?

If you don’t have a website, we can help you create a simple, mobile-optimized website to link through the online ordering system, or you can integrate the online ordering system to your Facebook page.

How Restolabs food online ordering system works?

Restolabs provides a seamless workflow to make the online ordering process easier, quick and reliable for you, as well as your customers. From order placement to automatic payments and inventory control, we take care of all your business needs while you focus on other important things.
Check out our How it Works guide to get started today!

Can I expect customization for my ordering website?

Yes, you can tweak the color, font and even the text on the website to match the overall identity of your brand.

Will I be able to integrate my current POS system with Restolabs' online ordering/delivery system?

Yes, Restolabs is open to integration. However, complete POS integration can only be facilitated if the POS provider is willing to share POS APIs or is ready to take our APIs and integrate the same at its end.

What do I need to integrate Restotlabs Online Ordering with my existing restaurant website?

Just an email ID that you can use to sign up with us! Once your account has been created, you will receive an email from Restolabs with your log-in details and attached step by step guide to help you configure and set up your online menu.

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