Online Ordering made Simpler, Faster and Commission Free for Your Restaurant

Create a seamless on-demand ordering experience for your food business, complete with contactless dining and curbside pick-up options.
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Over 100,000 users across 10+ countries are using the ordering system to place orders.

Power Up Your Digital Ecosystem

Restolabs wants to empower your restaurant or eatery to have more control over your digital ecosystem.

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Over 1000 restaurant locations are using the system for direct ordering

Our Bonus Add-Ons

Curbside Pick-Up
Make the off-premises dining experience safe and convenient for your customers with curbside pick-up capabilities.
In-Store Touchless Ordering
Our In-store touchless ordering system is designed to make your customer’s dine-in journey safe and efficient, from ordering and receiving food, to making payment.
Reduced On-Boarding Time
No one has the time and patience to wait for weeks and months to get a business up and running.
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Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

Tinku Saini
Tarka Indian Kitchen, Texas, USA
There were other options available at the time, but I opted for Restolabs given its price points and that it had been recommended to me.The branding was a big part of it too, as was the ease of integration with platforms we were using.
Gil Arismendi
Morelia Gourmet Paletas, Florida,USA
Overall the Restolabs platform works well. The integration with the POS works well. It gets the job done. The feature that I like the most is that the software chooses the location closest to the customer, which is helpful to us as we have several locations within a relatively small market.
Dennis Edwin Wonn
Millie's Restaurant, Florida,USA
"We have a really complex menu and Restolabs’ Quick Menu Setup feature has really helped us streamline our digital ordering process. The platform is easy to use and dependable with a good interface that our customers love to engage with. The system itself has never crashed or lagged. It takes care of everything a restaurant needs to succeed in the digital world."

over 10 million transactions have been processed via the system

Online Ordering System For Restaurants

FLEXIBILITY Is What We Are All About

✅ Restolabs is integrated with 30+ payment gateways, so you choose the gateway that serves your interest best.

✅ Restolabs can be seamlessly integrated with your chosen POS

✅ Restolabs can also be seamlessly integrated with your loyalty programs.

Benefits for your Restaurant Business

We understand you and your industry. We will strive to make your business succeed - every step of the way!

Quick Menu Set Up

One hour: That is all it takes to set up your restaurant and get going.

Real-time Notifications

Get order alerts, send your customers updates, and make changes to your menu in real-time.

Contactless Solutions

Convenience and safety brought together with latest QR technology at no additional cost to you.

In-built Marketing Tools

Turn your customers into avid fans of your food and service with smart, cost-effective digital tools.

Strong Analytics

Know your customers and their preferences so that you can engage them further, and even forever.

Dedicated Support

Reach out to us at ANY time of the day or week and we will answer your query as quickly as humanly possible - guaranteed.
Infinite values

Go Live in 5 3

What would it mean to your restaurant business if you could start taking online orders in just three days or less? As exciting as this seems, it’s actually what we can do for you!

✅Launch a branded website in just 3 days that allow your customers to place direct orders from anywhere, anytime.

✅More sales channels means more revenue and high reach. Improve your bottom line both online and offline with our contactless solutions.

✅ Direct ordering means you save yourself from paying hefty commissions on orders placed digitally.

No time for setting up the store yourself? Our Technical Support will gladly do it for you.

Sounds good? We certainly think so!

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