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Restolabs Review by Cristina R.
Cristina R.
Franchise owner, Great Wraps Houston Outlet
"Absolutely FANTASTIC and GENIOUS online platform - I would give them 10 and not 5 stars. Price, very user friendly for people with no previous experience, awesome customer service. Customer service was beyond than excellent, He had replied to more than 100 emails that I have sent and always has sorted out my queries Did a research before buying this software and could find anything cheaper or better than RestoLabs."
Restolabs Review by Jim L.
Jim L.
“Better than great value ... great RESULTS! Restolabs provides the right mix of templated, ``off-the-shelf`` solutions to help maintain the right level of value and affordability. But important to my business, they were also able to provide me with some customized solutions that allowed me the best of both worlds - without blowing my entire web budget. Intuitive and easy to use. Great customer support. Very pleased with their ability to provide affordable, customized solutions.”
Restolabs Review By Brooke O.
Brooke O.
Owner Food & Beverages, Self-employed
“The customer service has been great! It was what made me chose this service.  For our ordering, it allowed us to customize purchases easily and quickly. The customer service!  The delivery radius and loyalty program options are very limited. It also has glitches pretty frequently (charging customers twice, saying a card is not accepted when it is)”
Restolabs Review by JOE C.
MANAGER Food & Beverages, 11-50 employees
“Restolabs online ordering. We are a high volume pizza shop. I can believe how much time we're saving with our online orders. We have a pretty detailed menu. They were able to build us exactly what we needed in a timely manner. We couldn't be happier! I really have no complaints. Everything works as planned.”
Restolabs Review by Ichi Y.
Ichi Y.
Owner Restaurants, 1-10 employees
“Value for money and flexible customisation. Thanks to the flat rate, we are able to manage cash efficiently. Also having a reliable support centre lets us have a peace of mind. It definitely allows us to manage cash. However, what should be stressed more is the flexible customisation by the support centre, including embedding security badge in the ordering page, adding a day of the week to the top page etc.”
Restolabs Review by Ichi Y.
Aditya Raolji
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
When I bought this business from the previous owner, there was no website for it. My first intention was to build a website and it was the web designer for my website that introduced me to Restolabs. It’s pretty simple and user-friendly and it works perfectly fine."