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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will the overall setup happen?

The menu setup happens in about 15 minutes from signing up. To start, please go through our plans on the pricing page and select your plan of choice and subscribe. Once your account has been created, you will receive a mail from Restolabs with your log-in details and attached step by step guide to help you configure and set up your online menu. Once your online menu is ready, there are amazing themes ready to pick from for your menu. Lastly, we provide you a small code that is to be added to your website to start taking orders online.

Can Restolabs set up the menu on my behalf?

Yes, Restolabs provides a free menu set up to its paid subscribers. You can subscribe to the plan that best suits your requirement and mail us the menu image file at

Will it work for catering and Grocery Businesses?

Yes, the system can work for Grocery businesses as well. However for catering, there would have to be some customisations to accommodate the catering process that the catering company follows

Does this work for other businesses as well.?

Yes, it does work for other businesses as well. However, there could be customizations involved, which would be chargeable.

Can I expect any Customisation for my ordering site?

Yes, we do offer customizations. Free customizations include colour change and font change in Restolabs themes to match your brand look and feel. Any customizations that include implementation of a new theme or custom ordering flow are chargeable.

What is the process for marketing the restaurant online ordering?

You can share the online ordering link with your registered customers to start accepting online orders. If you do not have a newsletter or mailer facility, you can get in touch with us for mail integration. .

What is the training process for the restaurateur and the restaurant staff?

We share user manuals and are also available on platforms like skype and to give walkthroughs to the restaurant staff.

Will I be able to run my own promotions?

Restolabs offers an inbuilt coupon engine in the system where coupons can be created matching the offline schemes being run by the restaurant. For example if you are currently running Buy1 Get 1 Pizza free offline and the code is BUY50 then a similar coupon can be created in the Restolabs online ordering system and be run online as well..

Where can I list my technical queries and how will they be answered?

There is a support box on the Restaurant’s dashboard to get instantly in touch with us. We are also available on, .

Will my current POS system be able to integrate with the online delivery system?

A complete point of sale integration is available although it is chargeable and can only be facilitated if the POS provider is willing to share POS APIs or is ready to take Restolabs APIs and integrate at his end.

How do I get update of web orders?

A web order when placed will be notified through mail and sms to both restaurant owner and the customer..

Where can I make changes to the menu?

The changes to the menu can be made in the quick menu set up section.

Where can I set different lunch and dinner menu?

Different categories can be created like Lunch menu and for each category a time can be assigned for example orders only from 12 pm onwards to 4 pm.

Will the restaurant be able to black list customers?

Yes, the restaurant can blacklist customers by using simple details like phone number or customer id.

Will the system have different items and/or different structures at different locations?

Yes, Different menu items can be tagged for different location where the restaurant is serving. The new items can be added where it is exclusively launching the menu specials.

Will I be able to put charges on delivery?

Yes, delivery charges can be added for different locations. For a restaurant with multiple outlets the delivery charges will be automatically be added as per the customer’s locations.

What if I have my own website? Will your online ordering system be able to integrate within it?

You don’t have to worry about do different websites; the online ordering system can be integrated within your website. Just provide us with your FTP details and there you are ready to go.