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Restolabs is determined to empower restaurants with their own custom-built ordering platform and help them take control of their business.

Our continuous innovations and extensive features help restaurants generate more orders and secure bigger tickets whilst delivering the best online ordering to their customers. Ready to win some love?

Building a Strong Online Presence Starts Here

Make your restaurant website a customer magnet with features that allow you to deliver a seamless, branded user experience, while maintaining a smooth workflow for your staff in the background.

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Custom Branded Ordering

Easy customizations options that allow you to give your ordering site a personality, a voice, ...Read More
and unique attributes that your customers can resonate with.
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Device Responsive Ordering

Works great across all mobile OS, phones, and tablets, providing a mobile responsive solution, ...Read More
so your customers can order from anywhere.
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Simple to Use Menu Configuration Dashboard

Quickly add, modify, and delete menu items in real-time. The menu control panel allows you to...Read More
- Easy menu creation and its management
- Variants and add-on creation
- Combo creations such as adding Meal Deals.
- Auto Combo creation, depending on the items present in the cart (example: Buy 2 get 1 for free).
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Real Time Order Notifications

Get a real-time notification whenever a new order is created, updated or cancelled through:...Read More
- Sound Notification on dashboard
- Email
- Sms
- Tablet notification via restolabs notifier app
- Automated print outs
- Fax
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Multiple Delivery Controls

Easy delivery management and control for multi-restaurants and chains via area control, radius control...Read More and map based control. Each restaurant outlet can feature several delivery zones with different minimum order values and delivery fees.
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Multilingual Front-end

Expand your reach and connect with a much wider audience by offering your customers the freedom to...Read More
interact with your brand in their native language.
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Facebook Ordering

Now convert all Facebook Page visits and likes into sales with Facebook Ordering  that allows customers...Read More to order right from your business page.
Stock Control Menu Icon

Stock Counter

Out of ingredients? Avoid stock discrepancies with efficient predefined quantities into the system ...Read More
and once the stock is over, the item will become unavailable for customers to place orders.
Busy Hours Icon

Busy Hours

Unexpected rush at the restaurant? Set the time duration for which the restaurant would not like to ...Read More
accept online orders and forget it. Once that duration passes, the system automatically starts accepting orders.
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Order Throttle

Surprise rushes at the restaurant? Set predefined parameters for the system to go offline and stop...Read More
taking orders for a certain duration. Once the duration passes, the system automatically starts accepting orders.
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QR Code Ordering

Make ordering quick and safe with Restolabs QR Scan Ordering that allows your customers to browse...Read More
the menu and place orders from their mobile phones.

Customer Engagement Features

Bridge the gap between your online and offline operations with features that keep you connected to your customers at all touch points. Personalised experience, improved loyalty and better conversion rate is what we promise here!

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Reward Program

Incentivize your customers for being your fan with reward programs, designed to allow them to earn points...Read More
for each purchase.
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Coupon Builder

Your customers love to be treated with coupons that allow them to save. Generate unlimited coupons...Read More
for varied deals and promotions at your fingertips.
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Push Notifications

Capture the interest of your customers right when they need it the most with real-time push notifications....Read More
Keep them updated with personalized offers and deals to boost sales and build brand connection.
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Display Marketing

Custom Offer Displays on the ordering site allows restaurants to get their offers right in sight for...Read More
customers to see.

Multi-location Features

restaurant online ordering system features
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Multiple outlet management

Have multi-location restaurants? Manage the menu, operations, and even staff with a single dashboard.
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Easy Location set up

Easy cloning of menu items allows quick menu setup for all locations without manual intervention.
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Store Configurations

Separate store configuration functions like, delivery, tax and time control, can be added for each location.

Order Management Features

best online ordering system for restaurants
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From The Dashboard

High-powered dashboard with functionalities that help you manage all incoming orders with ease....Read More
- Ability to view or cancel incoming orders.
- Ability to search orders by order ID, customer ID, name, email and phone.
- Easy Incoming order management system manages order status (pending, processing, complete, cancel), complete customer information, on-the-go message update to customers regarding orders such as non availability of certain items.
- Separate order list of pre and current orders, complete and cancelled orders and overdue orders.
- Direct communication with customer from the dashboard
- Take out a hard copy of orders in one click.
- Viewing order lists from every restaurant location.
- Ability to define user roles - a location's manager will only be able to view his location's incoming orders.
- Direct access to Restolabs' customer support team from the dashboard

Online Order Management Icon

Order Management Settings

Order management settings provide full control to restaurants for setting up their online ordering operations. It allows them to configure the following....Read More
- Ability to place orders in advance by customers.
- Order Management over different order types (such as Home Delivery, Pick up or Dine in).
- Set different ETA and order amounts for different order types.
-Ability to enforce a tip from customers

Payment Features

payment features online ordering system
Gateway Integration Icon

Gateway Integration

We offer gateway integration with more than 50+ providers which includes but are not limited...Read More
to Heartland, Worldpay, Stripe, authorize, Checkout and Telr and many more.
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Multiple Payment Options

Increase customer engagement rate and conversions by providing your customers with payment and...Read More
convenience. Some most preferred option include
- Online payment
   - Cash on Delivery 
   - Card on Delivery

Integration Features

integration features of online food ordering system
Website Icon

Website Integration

The ordering link can easily be integrated into any restaurant website, including the ones made ...Read More
using Wix, WordPress, and other website builders.
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POS Integration

Easy and quick integrations with all major POS Platforms so you don’t have to deal with multiple...Read More
software to manage ordering operations.
Software Integratration Icon

Software Integrations

Restolabs also offers flexible integration options with different software that benefits the restaurant....Read More
For example, integrations with loyalty apps, feedback apps, delivery partners, analytics, etc.

Custom Features

online ordering for restaurants custom features
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Checkout Configuration

This functionality offers flexibility to set the checkout process as per the restaurant’s geographical ...Read More
location, and ongoing offerings.
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Label Editor

Closed for ordering? Items out of stock? Let your customers know in a custom messaging style with our ...Read More
in-built label editing tool.
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Color Editor

Want a color scheme that perfectly matches your favorite images? Browse beautiful color ...Read More
combinations to create the perfect color scheme for your UI.

Analytics Feature

analytics feature of online food order management system
Analytics Icon

Insightful Analytics

Restolabs dashboard offers detailed reports on sales, customers and products to help you make informed business decisions. Analytics includes pre-defined reports such as ...Read More
top selling items, gross sales over a period of time, Revenue report, least selling items and more. The same can be used to design effective marketing campaigns and personalise user experience on the ordering site.

Customer Management Features

customer management features for online ordering food system
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Customer Login

Create customer profiles, keep a track of their order history, preferences and spending habits to...Read More
make their ordering experience a delight on every visit. The same information can also be used to create upsell opportunities at various touch points on the ordering site.
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Personalised Offers

Entice your customers into frequent buying with unique promo codes and loyalty points added directly...Read More
into their account.
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Easy Sign Up

Save your customers the hassle of remembering login credentials by giving them the options to sign up...Read More
/log in with their Google and Facebook accounts.

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