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Today’s normal is far from what you and we are accustomed to. Our customers now have different aspirations and expectations from us - convenience and safety at the top of their list. Whether you offer dine-in, takeaway or curbside pickup or all, Restolabs contactless solutions provide you with a safe and easy platform to support restaurant re-opening.

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Dine In - with Safety

Now allow your customers to dine-in at your restaurant without worrying about non-essential interactions with staff. Minimal human-to-human contact, no physical menus and digital payments are the secret ingredients to the success of your restaurant in the new world. With contactless ordering and payments, customers simply use their mobile devices to browse the menu, place orders, and pay for their meals.

Branded menu ordering system that uses QR technology.
Include pictures of menu items and crucial information like ingredients and dietary restrictions.
Guests can pre-order meals before they arrive or place orders at their table.
Multiple upsell opportunities to increase AOV (Average Order Value), customer loyalty and profitability.
Increase speed to order, turning tables in less time and remove idle time.
Reduce overheads by replacing paper menus and bills with digital menus

Learn more about the contactless ordering system >>>

Curbside - Easy Order, Easy Pick-up

We understand how curbside has become the most important avenue of revenue. We want to help you keep it that way with our expanded offering that takes good care of your customers and their perpetual need to be greeted with their food without any guesswork. . From geofencing technology that drives incremental visits to smooth integration with Flybuy that ensure timely and accurate deliveries, Restolabs Contactless Curbside Solution is cutting-edge to meet all your business needs.

User-friendly online and app ordering solution for a faster, easier order pickup experience.
Customize Order Received, Ready, And Thank You Message
Seamless integration with POS systems, loyalty programs and delivery partners.
Eliminate customer wait time for contactless curbside and in-store pickup.
Get real-time updates on your Point of Sale to keep everyone up to date.

Learn more about curbside pickup solution here >>

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Convenient Payment Options, on the Go

Going contactless doesn't mean you have to compromise on the convenience that your customers are used to when it comes to making payments. Restolabs Contactless Solution integrates with over 50+ payment merchants so you can offer your customers a convenience and flexible checkout experience.  

Safe and secure transactions so your customers can simply relish their time at your restaurant.
Maximize conversions with easy and simple checkout screens with fast payment processing
Flexible payment options so you never have to see a dropped sale again.

Marketing - Never Amiss!

Did you think you’d lose marketing opportunities with contactless experience? On the contrary, contactless solutions offer a plethora of marketing opportunities that you may have been missing out on with traditional dining. From loyalty programs to personalized coupons and upselling - you can do it all and much more within our QR Menu Ordering System.

Personalise customer dine-in experience and improve relationship with effective data tracking.
Send push-notifications to deliver special deals and discounts.
Prompt real-time online reviews after each successful transaction.

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