How to Pick the Right White Label SaaS Platform

To stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital age, your business has to deliver cutting-edge software solutions to your customers and meet their evolving needs. But let's be real—developing a software platform from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming process, not to mention expensive.

This is where white label Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms come into the picture. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and technology of the white label SaaS, you can offer a software product with your own branding, without getting involved in the development process. This way, you can meet your customers' needs, diversify your list of services, and have an edge over competitors.

But you have to be careful while choosing a platform because your company's reputation is directly tied to this decision. In this article, we will discuss how to pick the right white label SaaS platform for your business and make the investment worthwhile.

7 Tips to Pick the Right White Label SaaS Platform

Look into your business first

Before partnering with a SaaS platform, take a close look at the state of affairs of your business. Use social listening and also look into your CRM system to find out which features your customers are unable to find in your platform, and what areas you can improve. Check what your competitors are offering, and find out features that would set you apart in a saturated market. Once you have a comprehensive idea about where you can do better, you’ll have more clarity when choosing a white label SaaS.

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Check documentation

If a SaaS platform is promising excellent ROI, don't fall for it without any proof. Before you seal the deal, check the documentation of the company to know how long they've been in the industry, who their clients are, and what results they have achieved so far. Get to know if your competitors are using the same platform—if yes, then enquire what measures they take to avoid any clash of interest.

Look for customization options

Make sure the platform is highly customizable so you can have a personalized user interface, and add your own branding seamlessly. Ideally, the platform should have a brief learning curve and should be simple to handle for users without a technical background.

Ask about integrations

The white label platform has to support integration with the widely used applications and tools that you and your customers use, such as your CRM, marketing automation tools, payment getaways, and any other software that is relevant to your industry. This is a crucial thing to look for, otherwise, you might lose out on valuable clients who are unable to find their choice of integration.

Check pricing

Pricing is an important factor when picking a white label platform. Analyze thoroughly how much money you’re going to spend and how much profit you’ll be able to make. Understand the pricing model of the platform—whether it requires per-user, per-month, or one-time fees, how much you’re going to spend in total, and your expected return on investment. Ensure that the cost aligns with your budget before proceeding.

Prioritize customer support

Good customer experience is often the stepping stone to success. 73% of customers consider customer experience to be a key factor in making purchasing decisions. While choosing a white label SaaS platform, make sure the company offers reliable support to you and your customers and resolves queries immediately.

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Check website testimonials and reviews on third-party websites

Before you commit to a platform, don’t forget to check testimonials on the website and do your research on platforms such as G2, Capterra, or Gartner. They give you an insight into what customers like and dislike about a particular SaaS tool and what is the best option you can find for your business. When your desired white label SaaS platform has a favorable rating and positive reviews, it gives you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.

Final Thoughts

The process of picking a platform can be overwhelming. But by evaluating potential vendors based on functionality, customization, integration, pricing, reputation, track record, and customer support, businesses can narrow down their options and choose a platform that best fits their needs. With the right white label SaaS platform by your side, your business can offer top-notch services to customers, help them stand out in a competitive market, and drive growth by hitting the right KPIs.

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