Restaurant menu trends 2020

Restaurant menu trends 2020

The restaurant industry is a dynamic one. Restaurant owners need to constantly update dishes, crockery, decor, technology and even menu to be in the game.

While 2019 did see a shift towards healthier foods and some new trends came up, 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade altogether. Customers now are more aware of what goes inside their systems and whether or not it's good for the environment. Not only do customers want restaurants to be more environmentally responsible, but also accountable to them also.

Digitally also, the restaurant industry scene has changed. There are robots flipping burgers on one hand, and food delivery being done with the help of drones. But in a world where trends come up quick and fade away, how to decide what and where to invest?

Here’s restolabs take on the menu trends of 2020, that restaurant owners should sure look into for investment.

Vegan Options -

There are a number of factors contributing to the popularity of vegan items or a full fledged vegan menu for customers. More and more people are preferring to turn vegan for environmental or health related benefits of doing so. But, at the same time, people are more aware about food allergies and intolerances. Not incorporating a few vegan options in your menu will probably leave very less choice for vegan customers who do come to your restaurant

Plant based meat -

With plant based meat companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods exploding in popularity, this decade will lean more towards caring for the environment and plant based meat options area is a win-win. People are trying this not only because they are curious, but also because at the end embracing something like this makes them more responsible citizens of the world. There are plant based meat burgers by Trader Joe’s and soon to follow offerings by Starbucks and KFC in the making. Evidently, with the giants dipping their feet into the trend, it’s time for restaurants to embrace this too.

Alcohol free beverages -

As people go the healthy way, there is more possibility of them embracing the “sober curious” movement and refraining from alcohol altogether because of its effects on health, gut and liver. More mocktails seem to be appearing on the menus and the trend will only rise. Non alcoholics beverages will take front stage in 2020, and as 2019 has already seen the meteoric rise of fermented drinks like kombucha, demand for more such drinks like makgeolli and seedlip is bound to grow.

Non-tomato based pizza sauces -

Nobody can’t remember a time when pizza wasn’t at the height of the takeout or delivery industry, and it still is the reigning king. With 2020 witnessing no less of popularity of pizza, there are chances of more experiements. The gen Z consumers which form the major chunk of the delivery industry always liked to be surprised and to experiment. Experts suggest that this year will see a trend away from traditional tomato based pizza sauces and more experimental pizza making. Popular options for sauces might be ranch, alfredo or even barbeque for a different exquisite taste.

Unique pizza toppings -

The love for pizza isn’t going anywhere, might as well experiment while eating one. Experimental cooking has always been welcomed but experts suggest bizzare toppings like mac and cheese, taco pies, sandwich pizzas etc. While the world is still divided on whether or not pineapple is a good enough pizza topping, there will be many more options to consider by the end of this year.

Liked our list of food trends for 2020? Tell us what you are going to invest in as a restaurant owner.

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