Preparing your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

November is almost gone and the holiday season is already in full swing. This is the time when people want to get together with family and friends to have fun. This is a very busy time for restaurants, but with COVID restrictions the holiday scenario has changed, and may remain the same for a very long time. According to a report published by Olvin, 43% of people are more likely to choose choose independent restaurants over bigger businesses. It is definitely going to be a lot different and restaurants would have to find new strategies to capture the new demand of the new world.


Kickstart your promotion campaign as early in the November. Put all your bells and whistles to action. Keep those promotion banners up. You can run local radio commercials, social media campaigns, newspaper ads to get those bookings as early as possible. You can effectively use early bird discounts to attract more customers.

Send emails to your previous year’s guests with exclusive images of the menu and limited time discount codes. If they have already visited your restaurant and liked it then the chances of getting them through your doors again are much easier.


Leverage your social media handles to get the maximum attention. Ultimately, it boils down to getting the attention of your customers. Upload videos of dishes being prepared. Email your recipes to your previous year’s guests. And if you can display your dessert items. Nothing stimulates hunger better than that. If they see it on display, they will take lesser time to order it.


The Holiday season means a lot of parties and dinners. But how many times have we stumbled upon a big catering order for a corporate client at a very short notice? Everyone appreciates these big volume orders but it is your kitchen staff knows that really knows the value of getting those order requests early. This is really important, as it provides an opportunity to prepare better and keep the schedule set for more orders. If you provide catering from your restaurant then you must know that those high volume orders are almost irresistible. So, try to encourage the customers to confirm their orders as earlier as possible. You can provide discounts depending on the time they confirm their orders.


Online food ordering systems for restaurants are hugely successful in making the ordering process more customer centered and efficient. This change will be a welcomed by your staff. Even the most experienced servers can make a mistake while taking orders during the holiday rush. If you have an online ordering system then promote it. So you receive the orders without any mistakes and your staff can focus on preparing and serving food to the guests.

Just think of the time your staff will save which is usually spent on taking orders.

If you don’t have an online ordering software then you should really get one for your restaurant, online ordering is going to provide a boost to your business.

Be sure to promote your online ordering with exclusive discounts for the users ordering via online ordering. Promote it on your website, mobile app, social media accounts and menus.


The holiday season can be taxing on your staff. Make necessary arrangements to let them know you care. Eventually, a high morale will limit their stress levels. Provide snacks, energy drinks and most importantly if you are shorthanded then be sure get some reinforcements. Having extra hands will help you run things at a smooth pace.

Then, you can ask your staff to increase their pace a bit. Make sure that guests are seated as quickly as possible. If your servers could politely recommend items then many guests might not open the menu and place the recommended order. Just ensure that things do come in a very polite manner. Provide the bill as soon as the guests are done with the food. If done properly you can turn tables in a timely manner without making your customers feel rushed.


Gifts cards are a good way to encourage repeat business at the restaurant. If your customers spend a particular amount then you can provide a gift card which can be used in the upcoming months. Gift Cards are a convenient way to open your doors to more business.


Simply by including alternate ordering, catering and using the visual element from decorations. You can have better results this holiday season.

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