How online ordering can up the ante of your restaurant

Online ordering is very profitable, but figuring out how to implement it in a restaurant business model can be confusing for most restaurateurs. In the haste to find an efficient solution to this problem, they often end up signing up with different food delivery companies that definitely provide a streamlined process of ordering and delivery, but also charge exorbitant commissions. This puts restaurants in a tricky spot. Some restaurateurs even consider giving away an even steeper cut if they want their restaurant to appear on the first few pages of the search results.

What happens next? Most businesses shut down, especially the ones that are trying to deliver good quality food at affordable prices. With each order placed with the food aggregator, a healthy chunk of money goes out the door.

The solution? Add online ordering to your restaurant's website using smart online ordering software from restolabs will not maintain a great online visibility of your brand but also help you reach potential new customers as you seek more profits.

There are numerous benefits that a restaurant business can reap from online ordering as a part of the online marketing and online ordering strategy.

Streamlined Online Ordering

It streamlines your restaurant ordering process. No longer does your staff have to stay on the phone all day long, taking orders. They can instead focus on tasks that would add value to their time spent at the restaurant, such as cooking or seating. This also drastically eliminates order errors.

More Orders, Larger Cart Size

In addition, online ordering increases the bucket size of the order. Customers get attracted to visually appealing food pictures and may buy more than they normally would with the call-in order. More orders and larger cart size are a boon to a restaurant business as it adds more revenue.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

With online ordering, customers can customize their orders as per their preference without fearing any communication gap. In addition, they can also experiment with new dishes based on the reviews and recommendations of loyal customers.

Additional tips to maintain a great local and online presence

  • Trademark your brand's name so no one can create fake landing pages.
  • Claim your Google My Business account for all locations. You can even showcase the entire menu on Google My Business.
  • Invest in SEO and online marketing so your customers don't get lured by your competitor's shady tactics.
  • Offer incentives for every order placed by the customer directly from your website.

Remember, knowledge is power. Adopting the latest restaurant technologies that offer an online menu with ordering capabilities can leverage your online presence and grow your restaurant’s revenue. When you have a complete control on your brand, you'd be able to redirect about 30-40% of search traffic to your website, resulting in conversion rate from 10-25%.

Sounds good? Are you ready to explore the benefits of implementing online ordering to your restaurant website?

Contact us at restolabs to learn more about how we can revolutionize your restaurant business.