11 Best QR Menu Software for Restaurants in 2023

As an owner of the restaurant business, improving your customers’ convenience must be your top priority. Browsing through the menu and selecting dishes is just as important as the quality of the food you serve.

QR menus give your guests exactly what they are looking for - convenience and safety! Moreover, it is not just the customers who benefit from it. You too can enjoy benefits like quicker service, better order management, and so much more.

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In this article, we will talk about the 11 best QR menus software for restaurants in 2023. However, before that, let us show you why they are worth your time and money.

Why are QR Menus for Restaurants Important?

  1. Quicker service - Dramatically speeds up service as customers can send their orders directly to the kitchen without having to wait for a staff to take an order.
  2. Hassle-free menu updates - A digital menu means that you no longer have to print and reprint entire menus to update a few items. In fact, you can even remove items if the ingredients aren’t available.
  3. Entice customers with pictures - A QR code menu gives you the option to add high-quality images to the menu and boost your sales by up to 30%.
  4. Reduce staff workload - Overworked staff is not an uncommon scene in the restaurant industry. Giving the customers the freedom to order via their smartphones also means giving your staff more time to focus on things like service and food quality.
  5. Better safety and hygiene - Customers have become more aware of hygiene in the wake of the pandemic. Contactless ordering via QR codes minimizes any physical contact without compromising on customer experience.

Best 11 QR Menu Software for Restaurants


RestoLabs is a popular online food ordering system for restaurants. It enables restaurants to take orders and pre-orders via their own website, eliminating the need to take orders through third-party apps.

RestoLabs’ contactless ordering system enables customers to send orders directly to the kitchen staff via a unique barcode on each table. They can even pay bills right through their smartphones which ensures zero contact.

The company aims to “support and empower” restaurants. This QR code ordering system is best for busy restaurants and makes busy hours more manageable for them. A simple UX/UI ensures a zero learning curve, meaning even someone with the least knowledge of such software can easily use it.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay for it separately. It is included in both, their premium as well as their enterprise package. Check Restolabs Pricing.


Presto, a restaurant technology solution company best known for its in-house ordering tablets, has recently shifted its focus to assisting the restaurant sector and is now providing a free Contactless Dining kit.

It allows your guests to scan NFC tags and QR codes with their personal smartphones in restaurants of various types—full service, quick serve, and others. Guests may browse the whole menu, place an order, and pay at the table—all without requiring any human interaction. However, the major caveat is that the plans are pretty expensive and inflexible that can quickly put off most restaurant owners, especially in the post-pandemic world.


SproutQR is trusted by the greatest in hospitality, from multinational resorts and hotels to autonomously run pubs and restaurants, to deliver a smooth and safe service for their guests and workers. It helps you generate QR code menus for your hospitality business to ensure that your guests can conveniently order food right from their tables.

In their own words, their custom QR code menus are pre-formatted, mobile optimized, and incredibly simple to create and deploy. The company, however, doesn’t believe in offering trial period, discounts and doesnt even have a freemium plan. S if you really wish to use their service, the initial investment could be anywhere around $10 - $15 depending upon the features you wish to use.

Not yet ready to invest? Start your Free 60 Days Trial with Restolabs Contactless Suite.


Beaconstac makes it simple to generate, export, and monitor all things QR codes. It's an all-in-one customizable QR code generator that enables scalable advertising campaigns across sectors by using product packaging, print media, in-store displays, direct mailers, and so on.

Even though we love their analytics dashboard, which stands them apart from competitors, their inflexible pricing plan can be a little off-putting for someone who’s new to the digital landscape. 25k scans for $5 with no integrations might not really help.


OrderLina allows restaurants to enable their guests to order food right from their tables by scanning a unique QR code. You can even generate QR codes to add to your Facebook page or marketing flyers so that customers can easily order meals using that. It helps you boost your dine-in revenue as well as grow your audience on social media. The best part about it is that there’s no hidden commission fee.

But wait? Only 200 views in the free plan which is too less if you are looking to scale your business.

Not a great way to build lasting relationships...


Menuflow opens up better ways to serve your guests by enabling you to create a digital menu. Customers can simply browse through the menu and give orders for dine-in, takeout, and even in-room guests. You can even adjust prices, food availability, and schedules in real time, as well as alter menus to accommodate your shift times. It also comes with several integrations including a point-of-sale system.

One2 Menu

One2 is among the most effective platforms for increasing your first-party internet orders. You can create a free instant ordering system for your ghost kitchen, restaurant, or virtual brand with them. With the One2 app, you can even update your contactless menu within a few seconds. Featurs like loyalty programs, better seo rankings, and delivery support take away the cake, but high commission fee - they really should reconsider it. “Commission” word is a big “No” in the post-pandemic world.


MyMenu offers its clients a QR code-based ordering system that allows visitors to connect with wait staff via a comprehensive contactless, self-ordering system and table service. Because the menu can be managed remotely, their system is ideal for quick casual restaurants, restaurant chains, and casual restaurants.

MyMenu's online purchasing and meal delivery module is compatible with any restaurant POS system, making it the ideal restaurant management solution.


Menumodo is a contemporary, adaptable SAAS system that enables the food and beverage sector to digitize and display current menus instantly. It also provides an end-to-end procedure for developing, maintaining, and sharing menus in a digital world, but somewhere it lacks the robustness that comprehensive solutions deliver. On the most basic level, it helps optimize the menu design and in the maintenance process while saving industry stakeholders money and time. Menumodo even offers the first three months for free.


Quickorders lets restaurant owners create a seamless experience for both their employees and guests. While the customer orders and pays via their phone, your team can focus on service.

When ordering and paying, guests will scan a QR code customized specifically for your restaurant. It helps you save time on what really matters: creating an unforgettable dining experience. This also improves your relationship with your customers ensuring customer loyalty. It is one of the best ways to convert your customers into regulars and see the change in order size.

The major glitch? website crashes sometimes


Flipdish is an online ordering service that creates personalized apps and websites for solo eateries, multi-location businesses, and franchises. Customers can read full menus and place an order online using made-to-order websites and mobile applications.

Their contactless ordering via QR codes helps you generate a sense of security and convenience in guests. It also minimizes workload on your staff by multifold.

We don't like the fact that in today’s world where people demand and appreciate transparency, they keep their pricing undisclosed.

Who wins the award of the Best QR Menu Software for Restaurant?

QR code menus are gaining popularity, especially with the majority of people embracing digital solutions for everything - from shopping to bill payments. The best part is that it is beneficial for restaurant owners as well as their customers.

When it comes to QR code menu software, RestoLabs definitely takes the first place. It offers a unique set of features for restaurants along with so many integrations including a POS system, multiple payment gateways, coupon builder, marketing analytics, and more. Moreover, they offer a 60-day free trial for you to try the platform without spending a dime!

Try it out for Free for 60 Days. Book a Demo now.