Is Artificial Intelligence ready to take over online ordering?

The dawn of AI-driven economy is just around the corner. From empowering retail outlets to advanced security checks at the airport; it won’t be long from now that artificial intelligence will embed itself into all aspects of our lives. And why not? It makes the lives of consumers easier and practical.

AI is already dominating the e-commerce landscape and is soon expected to transform the on-demand food ordering industry. Since the Food and Beverage industry is pivoting toward innovative technologies to meet customer expectations, AI as an application is ready to take the idea of dynamics up a level.

But the real question is how much? How much do you think applying Artificial Intelligence to your restaurant order processing system would impact the overall customer experience while adding to profitability? Let's talk about a few benefits of using Artificial Intelligence for online ordering

Few errors, better experience

AI chatbots reduce the chances of misinterpreting queries or offering incorrect solutions.

Their cognitive technology interprets customers’ responses and provides accurate, automated answers. Restaurants are increasingly using virtual assistants and AI-driven robots that process customer orders and provide product recommendations. This not only decreases the turn-around time but also helps restaurants save cost on hiring and training employees.

Create an effective sales process

Digital era has led to a new dimension to sales techniques to capture potential clients. Big companies that recruit Artificial Intelligence use machine learning to influence the choices of their customers. Perhaps restaurants are using data analytics and big data couples with AI to deliver tailored solutions to their clients and create a strong sales message that reaches to consumers at the right time on the right platform.

Better sales

Customer service executives only respond to queries but don't initiate conversation with customers. AI bots are programmed to keep the customers on the website for the longer duration. They begin the conversation and inform customers about upcoming sales and promotions. Moreover, they can share personalized images, video and blogs entries to customers. Suppose a customer finds a new dish on the website that he is willing to try for the first time. In this case, a chatbot can send them a link to a page with dips, salads, and beverages that go well with the dish.

Multilingual experience

If your customer speaks Aramaic, Aramaic is what you use to sell. AI makes it possible to communicate with customers in their preferred language without changing significant parts of your website. AI-driven bots are programmed to allow people to interact with your services in an intelligent manner, and in their chosen language. Having a system localized for your audience automatically gives you the edge over your competitors.

Concluding thoughts

Across the food delivery industry, efforts are underway to improve customer engagement and profitability through AI-driven technologies. Chatbots tend to be one of the simpler applications for restaurants to achieve this target.

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