3 key areas to win iGen in the restaurant business

By now you must have already figured out what works for millennials and what doesn't. As a food service provider, you must be thinking that you’ve got a good grip on this segment of the society. But before you take a sigh of relief, wait and look around.

Meet Generation Z (iGen)

They are here to change the game with new expectations and new taste. They are the first true digital natives. They turn to their smartphones and gadgets to get solutions to their problems. Food and beverages are Gen Zer's primary form of indulgence.

The group of people talking about your brand or posting the pictures of your innovative dishes on their social media are all Gen Zers. They are one of the largest generations to date - almost 80 millions Americans falling in this category.

Don't you want to leverage the numbers and grow your restaurant business exponentially?

If so, you have to make your restaurant business ready to cater to the epicurean quests of this elusive group of people. Believe it not, they’ve changed the dynamics of how businesses are done today and those who are reluctant to evolve would be left with only one option - to shut down.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind if you want to turn the iGeneration into loyal customers.

Spruce up your menu

This generation has a highly diverse palate and of course, they are hungry for, what we call, "Insta-worthy content". They are always looking out for visually compelling gastronomic experiences. Don't be surprised if a wildly colored drink on your competitor's menu has been earmarked as the best seller on their display window. That's just how it works for this generation. To appeal to them, you must make sure you offer lighter, affordable, and eclectic menu.

Embrace technology

Technology shapes every facet of a Gen Zer’s life. But they also want it to be seamless and intuitive. With a new and improved technology at your disposal, you can offer them the ability to craft their own meal, order food seamlessly via their phones and pay online using their preferred platform. iGeneration respects businesses that are tech-forward. Investing in a smart online ordering system built for restaurants is not an option but a necessity.

Get interactive

Don't be a vanilla - make yourself visible online with effective marketing strategies. More than that you must invest yourself in creating experiences that are interactive, engaging and designed with an objective to build affinity. Unlike Millennials, Gen Zers are curious to know your story. They feel involved when you share the experiences of the chefs working in the kitchen. Gen Zers believe in collaboration and admiration. Keep them engaged and they’ll keep coming back to you. In fact, they'll never leave!

The rewards? Having come of age in a time where technology is an existential part of their life - mealtime included, being on top of your game will guarantee a lifelong relationship with a generation predicted to become the fastest growing group in the marketplace. For now, they are already spending a sizeable amount of their limited income on ordering food online. Is your business ready to win over the new generation?