20 Spooky Dishes that Restaurants can Add to the Menu for Halloween 2020

From spiderweb biscuits and kiwi slime pies to mummy-inspired breakfast muffins, the season of trick or treat is here.

No wonder Halloween is indeed an exciting time for everyone. Amid old-fashioned scare & eerie evenings, you can turn your favorite scary characters and Halloween decors into spooky and frightfully delish food. Bloody meringue bones and witch fingers can allure restaurant patrons like anything. This fall, restaurants can revamp their menus and offer luscious dishes that get everyone in the holiday spirit and please their palates.

Delish or Scary? Let’s talk about some amazing Halloween dishes restaurants can make.

Devilled Eggs

Surprise your customers this Halloween with Devilled Eggs. Soaked in gaudy food colorings, the eggs look delish yet ghouly. A great pick for starters, you can pair these with seasoned mayonnaise filling.

Kiwi Slime Pies

The ideal party treat! Kiwi slime pies are liked by patrons of all ages. The pie tastes as good as it looks. Green jelly paired with custard makes a succulent filling combination that your guests might love.

Pastry Snakes

Serve these spooky pastry snakes at your restaurant and entice Foodies this Halloween. With zero sugar, pastry snakes are a healthier option for your patrons. You can coat the dish with a variety of seeds to make it spookier.

Halloween Biscuits

A great addition to any Spooktacular feast, Halloween Biscuits are pure charmers. Serve these with some freshly brewed coffee and make brunch memorable for your customers. Halloween biscuits go really well with ghost cookies and spider cakes.

Pumpkin Hummus

Perfect for the fall season, the savory Pumpkin hummus is a pure killer. It tastes and looks darn good! A lush blend of veggies and chickpeas, the dish is creamy and a treat for taste buds. Pumpkin Hummus is best served with bread and nachos.

Blueberry Mummy Muffins

Loaded with extra cheese and cream frosting, Blueberry Mummy Muffins surely deserves a top spot in your Halloween menu. The quick snack is loved by many around the world and is known for its tender and creamy texture.

Eyeball Pasta

Any little ghouls in the house? Eyeball pasta go well with spooky Spaghetti. With half-fried egg eyes on the top, the pasta can surely set the Halloween mood amid your restaurant’s customers. Eyeball pasta looks gory but is tasty as hell!

Halloween Nachos

Serve Halloween Nachos with Mexican dips. Made with sweetcorn and fresh guacamole, Halloween Nachos is healthy food. You can cut and create bat-shaped nachos to give it a scary yet tasteful look.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Topped with Cinnamon syrup, Pumpkin Pancakes are an absolute delight. Nothing is more scary yet alluring than these orange pumpkin pancakes. Your customers will love it for breakfast as nothing beats the smell of fresh pancakes.

Spooky Spider Cookies

Restaurants can create the viral Spooky Spider cookies that are loved by kids. The cute cookies are spookier than you think. Every Halloween feast is incomplete without these. Some melted chocolate on the top can make foodies gaga.

Mac-o’-Lantern & Cheese Bowls

Made with country produced cheese, evaporated milk, and pounds of elbow macaroni, Mac-o’-Lantern & Cheese Bowls is a feast in itself. Restaurants can plan a great Halloween this year while not settling for ordinary dishes. It is your time to serve a platter full of eyeballs, fingers and tongues, of course! We mean, yummy food.

Monster Wraps

Googly eye monster wraps are not only healthy but highly popular amidst millennials. Made with sliced cheddar, cornichon pickle, and olives, restaurants can offer a wide range of sandwich filling to customers. Cut a thin slice or two and put olives to create goofy eyes.

Creepy Pigs in a Blanket

Surprise your customers this Halloween with Creepy Pigs in a Blanket. Don’t get me wrong, as creepy as it might sound, the dish is a treat for hungry bellies. Just imagine a mouth full of meatloaf cupcakes stuffed with cream sugar coated frosting.

Bread Coffin

Dreadfully delicious and highly popular, restaurants can serve Bread Coffin which is spooky enough to make brunch, memorable experience for your customers. Make ordinary bread intriguing and set the Halloween mood for everybody in the house.

Mummy Meat Loaves

Perfect for Halloween get-together and parties, Mummy MeatLoaves is your key to scarily delicious food. The dish is a perfect addition to your menu. It can lightly frighten and make your patrons hungry at the same time.

Snakes and Soup

Make your appetizer spookier than ever and serve snake breadsticks with every soup. Halloween is all about creativity. Restaurants can also serve them with Marinara sauce as little ghosts love it.

Bloody Mary Syringes

Halloween is incomplete without Bloody Mary Syringes. You can easily creep out your customers and create a memory worth a lifetime for them. Nothing beats hot sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and vodka when served cold.

Brain Jell-O Shot

One of the easiest Halloween recipes, Zombie Brain Jell-O Shot is perfect for ghost parties and gatherings. Bright red jello in dessert can entice your customers like anything.

Bat Truffles

We all have seen bats in vampire movies, right? Creep your customers with delish chocolate bats. Caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, and waxed coco wings can help you spread happiness this Halloween.

Restaurants need to revamp their menus this fall and throw spooky dishes and upscale dining experience for patrons. Halloween 2020 is your chance to make it large.