White Label Online Ordering Software for Resellers

Online ordering system for restaurants is one of the fastest growing industry. It is a market that could really use more sales channels. And, for resellers, it is a great opportunity to have this product and be a part of a booming market. We at Restolabs value these partnerships and believe that a good partnership will not only bring in more business but will enhance our capacity to innovate and evolve our product.

We have an established reseller network in major parts of United States, Europe, and Asia.

Over the years, we have helped many resellers; right from the basic know-how of the software to make it work for their first client and beyond. We are looking forward to working on bigger projects and build mutually profitable relationships. In short, we would definitely see you through the entire process. It’s a promise!

Our white label software for restaurant online ordering would be completely rebranded for your use. It means that the software would have your company name, logo and even colors.We do not interfere with your billing process. You charge your clients as you wish. We just keep a small amount which is billed monthly.

With our white label online ordering system for restaurants, you can even keep your own brand and sell it to different clients. But that’s not all, we constantly focus on better ways to equip our resellers with better tools and service.

Over the years, with the experience of working with many resellers over different locations we have developed an efficient process to provide the best possible support to our partners. We make sure that all the technical stuff is handled by us, so you can concentrate on your clients.

Our support framework has 4 vital elements.

  1. Training Support: Our product has been designed in a way that you will figure out most of the features by yourself. But we go out of the way to provide our new partners with a demonstration of the product, so they can understand even the minute details of the product. The training is not limited to demonstration only, we have a compilation of other resources that help you to understand the maximum about the product in the minimum possible time. These resources would be made available to you in a mode of your choice.
  1. Platform Support: The white label online ordering software for restaurants is bundled with your own dashboard. From this dashboard, you can do everything that the product is capable of. This includes setting up online ordering for your client, troubleshooting their issues and charging them for your services. Our unique platform will help you accomplish many tasks without going through a tedious process. And, If there is something you cannot do. We will do it for you.
  1. Data/Menu Entry Support: We understand that most of the restaurant owners are really busy with their work and don’t have the extra time to set up a new menu or enter sample descriptions for an item on the menu. Don’t worry, our support team will do it for you.
  1. Around the clock Email Support: If there is an issue that you cannot resolve on your own. Just raise a ticket from your dashboard and we will resolve it for you. In case you cannot use your dashboard you can directly reach us at support@restolabs.com.

If you are looking for white label products to sell, then online ordering software is a good choice to start with. A good product will definitely increase your income. With an advanced restaurant online ordering system in your own branding, you can be part of $799 billion industry, which is expected to grow steadily.

Due to the nature of this correspondence, we have mentioned the features in very limited words. For a detailed inquiry, you can reach us at info@restolabs.com or you can call us at 775-530-4387 and we will try to clear any query of yours.