How a simple message can help your restaurant shore-up revenues | Restolabs

Marketing teams all over the world, across all industries, are revamping their communication strategies. The post-COVID world is going to be a lot more different than what we had seen, or experienced in our lifetime. And there’s no turning back!

It’s the beginning of the new era, and anything that you’ve worked upon until this time has lost its value to a great extent - especially the marketing strategies. Your customers have changed, their priorities have changed, and so have their life choices. They have become cost-conscious, trying to save every penny that they can for the rainy day. They have become health-conscious, moving towards more natural and plant-based diets. And most of all, they have become safety-conscious, being mindful of their daily activities to avoid getting infected.

That being said, restaurant brands must tailor their offerings accordingly and refresh their brand communication strategy to meet these new requirements.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the most important marketing message that you should be putting up on your social media, every day, without fail, to attract new customers, as well as encourage the existing ones to order frequently from your restaurant.


It goes without saying that providing your customers with the convenience of getting their food delivered with contactless methods is the best way to win their trust.

Let them know through your marketing assets v.i.z newsletters, push notifications, social media posts, Snapchat stories, etc. that your business is open for online ordering delivery, takeaway as well as curbside pickup. Give them the assurance that you are following the “contactless” protocol with a sharp focus on hygiene and safety

Here are a few examples of some popular restaurant chains that have been constantly posting about delivering a safe food delivery experience to their customers, with an aim to win their trust in the no-touch world.

In this first example post, you’ll see how Dominos, in this clean and no-bullshit post, has communicated the introduction of the “Contactless Delivery” option to their customers. The message is clear and concise.

Another one from the Pizzeria world, this Pizza Hut’s post clearly articulates the “contactless” offering, regardless of the channel customers use to order food. This also instates that the restaurant chain is equipped to handle all orders with strict adherence to safety and hygiene standards

Another on the list is Panera Bread. After introducing the Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru ordering facility, they made sure that the message gets maximum visibility on the internet. They engaged various channels and sub-channels like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and even a few digital ads to reach their target groups.

How to get started!

Now that we have seen a few examples of how the big giants have revamped their communication - it’s time to help you draft your one!

One-liners are a great way to start. Try to think of a phrase or a sentence that best describes your current offerings. Write down a few options.

While you’re drafting one-liners, keep the following points in mind:

  • We want a simple and easy message
  • Easy to comprehend works the best
  • Stick to common words
  • Make it relatable

Go through all the drafts one by one, and if possible, seek feedback from people outside the business. What do they think about it? Were they able to get the message straight? Do you think adding or omitting a few words will help customers understand better?

The original line for our product, Restolabs, is: A Powerful Online Ordering System Built for Restaurants.

The title sounds empowering but doesn't really talk about the unique value proposition that would make us stand out from our competitors.

So what we did?

We tweaked a bit - and our LIVE Demo Sessions helped understand the most eloquent statement for our business. That is - Zero Commission. Your Orders. Your Customers. This change you’re going to see in the upcoming version of our website. The above statement clearly mentions the benefits that restaurants get if they choose to partner with us to launch their own, branded digital ordering website, or a mobile ordering app.

The point that I’m making here is that whatever message you want to share with your audience, in this case about Contactless Offerings, make sure it speaks to them and they are able to understand what you’re saying. Like the ones, we saw in the examples above. Otherwise, people will just scroll past your posts and forget about your business.

Staying ahead in Turbulent Times

Making that effort now will help your business grow significantly in the future. Take your restaurant online, establish a strong digital presence, plan your marketing communication for off-premises offerings, and reach your target audience. Make sure you use the same message across platforms. And do not forget to include it on your webpage.