Pizza Pirate Increases Online Ordering Check Size by 40% with Restolabs Online Ordering

Pizza lovers are everywhere and there is always that one place in every town that unambiguously becomes the go-to-pizza place for everyone. Pizza Pirate is one of such places serving the highest quality pizza, pasta, and more for over 40 years.

Since its inception, Pizza Pirate has always had a good amount of takeout and delivery business. In order to ramp up not only their sales volume but also the level of service for customers placing orders, the owners, Aditya Raolji & Jay Tapiawala, were looking for a robust and efficient online ordering system that can seamlessly integrate with their restaurant’s POS system. Also, they wanted to invest in a software capable of handling their very particular needs.

Of utmost importance to Aditya Raolji & Jay Tapiawala was:

  • A website and an app with user-friendly navigation
  • Seamless customer experience with an easy and quick checkout process
  • Integration with their existing POS (ZooZoo security)
  • Customized solutions to handle the particular branding needs

Our mission was to make ordering online as convenient as possible for our customers and for this we needed a set of partners who could help us achieve our goals”. Aditya adds, “Initially, we launched our website using Wix Restaurants, but soon after the launch we realized that we needed to invest in a powerful online ordering platform that can provide us with customized solutions and that’s when we came across Restolabs”.

In the first couple of months of offering online ordering on the website, Pizza Pirate saw a surge of 25% in online orders month on month, and this was all without any additional marketing. According to Aditya “Currently we are doing a triple digit online orders on a daily basis, which is helping the team to save a substantial amount of time taking orders on phone and placing them manually in the system. What makes us extremely happy is to see how our small team of 12 people is now able to focus on things that matter the most - delivering top-notch service and food quality, instead of spending crucial business hours taking phone orders." "I think this turned out to be a real game changer for us, especially in today's times, when 90% of customers rely on their smartphones to satiate their food cravings."

With Restolabs online ordering integration with ZooZoo Security POS was a cakewalk. Orders from mobile devices and web browsers are directly sent to the kitchen and appear in a systematic way. Mr. Tapiawala added, “The Restolabs team was not only fast in delivering a complete setup but was also able to cater to our particular needs. We couldn’t be happier with them.”


Aditya states “Staff is spending more time in improving customer experience and less time taking phone orders. This makes our team more productive that automatically adds to the bottom line. The average online order amount is anywhere between $15-$20. That being said, more people are adding appetizers and salads while placing online order versus when they place orders on phone. That’s has resulted in approximately 40% higher average ticket!”

Mr. Tapiawala adds that he feels more confident and efficient with online ordering as it enables them to acquire and retain customers from places that were hard to reach with the offline set-up. We have been able to establish a good relationship with customers we never knew existed in the first place. Now we can reach and cater to a wider audience, increase brand awareness, as well as make the business more profitable without really having to spend a lot of money or efforts on marketing. This helps us build a sustainable business.”

Pizza Pirate’s website boasts a clean, user-friendly interface that enables users to place their orders with just a few clicks. Plus the customer engagement tools and the ease of social media order have helped the brand build a base of loyal customers.

About Pizza Pirate: Located in Benicia, Pizza Pirate is a community cornerstone serving the highest quality pizza, pasta, and more for over 40 years. For dine in, takeaway, delivery, and catering – learn more at

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