Online Ordering System: Portal Or Your Own Website?

While a web portal is usually defined as one specially-designed web page at a website which brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way, a website is much more different. Usually in a portal, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information whereas a website doesn’t work that way.

The Internet defines websites as a collection of pages on the same domain or sub-domain while a web portal is usually used as a sort of ‘gateway’.

Again, a website is a unique location which is specified by a URL thus containing domains, sub-domains, etc. whereas a portal is a way through and to the website.

While these were mere technical differences between the both, when it comes to online ordering for restaurants, the differences grow bigger and bigger till a point is reached where the restaurant industry has to choose between the both.

In the age-old days or marketing and selling, portals were a rage on the Internet as they offered users, easy access to the Web through various software. People and businesses were easily attracted to them because of their easy access to the Web, organization, interaction and the use of keywords to find things. Because of their user friendly nature, they were also called as ‘Internet training wheels’ because they actually worked as a Web within the World Wide Web. And although the online restaurant industry was thriving on online ordering portals, there came a time when people realized the importance of having websites of their own or even making restaurant ordering apps to cater to a wide range of customers.

These days, websites have become much more popular, no matter what. Online ordering portals are now a thing of the past. The restaurant industry has finally found its’ match in websites of their own and restaurant ordering apps and the advantages are too many to be named.

Almost every website for online ordering of restaurants has portal functionality also. Along with that, they also offer features like ‘attractive’ home pages to entice customers, mouthwatering images of food, offers and discounts, etc. What makes them better than online ordering portals is that, the home page itself offers access to the content of the website though links, etc. and thus, the entire website unfolds slowly before the consumers.

While online ordering portals are great when it comes to organizing and managing content, its nature completely varies from the Web marketing strategies. And since technology is levelling playing fields everywhere, its’ time for restaurants to do away with online ordering portals and welcome change with websites of their own and/or restaurant ordering apps.

It is really necessary to get out of the portal mindset and get rid of online ordering portals as it’s time to focus on broadcasting. And websites or restaurant ordering apps are the best way to offer a restaurants’s content to the public.

Doing so would ensure that all cluttered portals links are removed, new and latest features are incorporated immediately and hence online ordering becomes simple and clean.

Also, customers should be actively encouraged to move forward with new technologies that make online ordering more convenient and easy. This not only provides the restaurant industry with a cutting-edge image but also ensures a proper competition among restaurateurs.

All we need to do is ‘step through the portal’!