Making Online Ordering Affordable for Restaurants

Do you need an affordable way to add a restaurant online ordering system to your business? A growing number of restaurants are using online ordering to offer their customers a convenient way to browse their menu and place orders. In the restaurant industry, competition can be fierce. In any given area, a handful of restaurants are competing for the same customers. Every advantage th at you can find can make the difference between success and failure. To stay ahead of the curve, many restaurants are implementing restaurant online ordering systems. The Advantages of Using a Restaurant Online Ordering System With a restaurant online ordering system, you do not need to spend a fortune overhauling your POS systems. Working with your existing setup, you can quickly and affordably add online ordering for restaurants. You do not need to spend money on new equipment, purchase expensive software, or pay an hourly fee to hire an app developer. By paying a single monthly fee, you can add online ordering for restaurants to your website or allow customers to place orders via mobile devices and Facebook. You will instantly be notified when an order is placed. Using a convenient service from Restolabs, online ordering for restaurants is inexpensive and easy to setup. There are no transactions fees and no contracts - you just pay a flat monthly fee. Setting Up Online Ordering for Restaurants Adding a restaurant online ordering system for your restaurant is easy. For as little as $45 per month, you can create an account and begin setting up your restaurant online ordering system. Choose the level of service you need, with three separate plans available for a restaurant online ordering system. Restolabs provides a simple solution for online ordering for restaurants. If you are interested in getting started with a restaurant online ordering system, setup your account at Restolabs and get a 30 Days Free Trial