Halloween 2019 Part 1: Halloween Activities For Your Restaurant

No matter how exciting you personally find Halloween, not decking up your restaurant for this one month of spook festival, is giving up on a lot of opportunity. Bloody marry gets bloodier, neon coloured mocktails, funny looking (and tasting?) Desserts, new savory items for Halloween themed menu - everything and more, so that your customers feel every bit a part of the Halloween fever.

While food, décor and music is necessary, it is also important to organise activities to keep your customers engaged. Doing a 31day Halloween activity challenge, might be too much for your restaurant, but you could sure benefit from Halloween nighttime activities during the week, leading upto Halloween. Here are some ideas to take the Halloween fever a notch higher at your restaurant!

Throw Costumer Parties

Costume cosplays are synonymous to Halloween! And there is no doubt that Halloween 2019 will be dominated by people dressed up as Joker. Organise a “Joker night” and reward the best costume with a free meal on Halloween. Another idea is to organize any Hollywood horror movie themed costumer party like – Nightmare before Christmas, Rocky Horror Picture Show and watch on as people come dressed as different characters.

If interested in taking things to an even grander level, organize a themed bar crawl. Costume parties on Halloween can get out of hand sometimes. Include all the pubs around the corner and launch a Halloween walk or bar crawl. This one is sure to get a lot of attraction and publicity!

Organise a Halloween tasting event

Restaurants need to invest in Halloween menus, items, drinks and dishes. Stir up some ghostly alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Witches’ potion, Zombie stew, ghoul dinner, anyone? Don’t just get creative on drinks, try bar snacks too. Halloween is all about its candy, so find new and innovative ways to incorporate your customers’ favourite candy in bar snacks or starters.

Don’t forget about special treats for the youngest guests—ghost-shaped cookies in white chocolate, cupcakes with “scary” toppings, pumpkin pies and more. Wherever food is mentioned, pumpkin cannot be skipped on Halloween. Have Halloween special, pumkin themed entrees, so that your guests can enjoy creativity and tradition together!

Pro tip: Add a cherry on top by serving your drinks in miniature sized cauldrons, beakers along with dry ice!


While you plan all of this, do not miss buying the scariest decorations of the season, trust us, your Instagram will thank you for it. This Halloween year, spread the hype with the scariest Halloween decorations, so that people throng your restaurant for a good ‘ol Instagram picture.

Photo booths are an extra attraction for all your Instagram addicts, and they enjoy their experience better at your restaurant. Honestly, the more these people post on their accounts, more chances of people coming to your restaurant for the same background or ghoulish décor.

Give you table decorations some extra oomph and invest in some cutlery. Do not forget the staple – cobwebs, candles, and coffins!

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