February Edit: Restaurant Marketing Ideas

February as a month offers so much to rejoice, celebrate and party about! It is the chocolate lovers month, heart month, national potato lovers month, national cherry month, and most importantly, it’s the month of love! As a restaurant owner, what are you doing this month to celebrate the fusion of love and food at your place? All done and decided or still in the middle of planning?

Here’s a bunch of ideas that can be employed to attract more customers at your restaurant, having a mind-boggling decor and get your old customers to visit you more for all their cravings!

It’s all chocolate!

February as a month is synonymous to chocolate! The heart shaped valentine chocolates, enjoying your beloved cup of cocoa to beat the winter cold or the yummy wine and whisky chocolates, the list is endless!

If you plan to have a chocolate themed restaurant month too, have a special chocolate menu dedicated to it, ask your chef to create a whole meal around it. After all, chocolate isn’t just used for dessert. It’s a wonderful pairing with bacon, or one can offer it as a sweet dip with one of your snacks.

The list is non-exhaustive and we all know, chocolate always tastes great, with everything.


Superbowl is the time for your restaurants to shine! Most people huddle up infront of their Televisions and order chicken wings or pizza. Capitalising on this trend as a restaurant is important. Go on and offer different varieties of wings, funny superbowl themed pizzas, and witness online orders coming in through your online ordering system.

For in-house marketing, decor is always something that restaurants need to look after, a good decor, or a small Superbowl themed booth can help you get many likes and photographs on social media. Not just the game, and the big screens, but the booth too can be a crowd puller.

Begin marketing your superbowl plans a bit early, and be sure to advertise to all prospective eager game watchers that you are planning a full day event. For the day, it is necessary hands-on with your staff and prepare them for a crowded, jam-packed day at work. In the end, team effort and coordination goes a long way! People will remember their superbowl experiences, and would want to come back the next time too.

National Crepe day:

Who doesn’t like a thin, melt-in-the-mouth crepe to begin with? On the national crepe day, offer various varieties of crepes for your customers to gorge on. If you already have a crepe item in your menu, put it on discount and customers who haven’t tried it yet, would definitely give it a go.

You can also give a small complimentary crepe in your home delivery orders, marking the national crepe day. Not only will it make your customers feel special and loved, but it would increase chances of them ordering a dessert from you too.

World Nutella Day

It’s the chocolate month people, nutella’s existense has to be celebrated this month only. So take out your nutella jars, all small and big, and paint your menu Nutella!

Pair it with sweet or savory, I am sure all customers will like it.

Better yet, have a nutella themed social media bake off! Invite all those interested to participate and give the winner a meal free at your restaurant. The combination of social media and nutella is the most deletable, enjoy your sweet fruits of hard work with all the likes and popularity you garner on social media.

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and in the food!

About 39% of people go to a restaurant on Valentine’s day.

And that’s just the couples we are talking about. Couples are sure a major chunk of attraction on Valentine’s, so have a heart-warming, romantic, rosey decor. More couples would want to dine-in at your place and get clicked, looking nice on their date night. But, do things a bit different this time and have a happy hour for singles too. This new marketing idea won’t just attract a larger crowd, it would also show how open-minded restaurants are. It’s almost akin to a restaurant taking a stand on a controversial topic, and those who are single-and-not-shy are all up for it!

Academy Awards

It is the most glitzy-glam event of the year. The red carpet is lined with who’s who of Hollywood, and real talent gets appreciated on this day. Turn the TV screens all the way up in your restaurant, so that your customers can watch the awards while sipping away their favourite cocktail or gorging on their favourite dish from the menu.

If you don’t want to take up the trouble of hosting an academy award event at your restaurant, how about delivering some of the glamour at your customer’s homes? Ask your delivery persons to dress up according to movie themes or characters and delight your customers with their order by a man dressed as the joker! Academy feels much?

Better instead, announce a lottery/give away and ask your customers to participate. Ask your customers to guess winners of a category, and whosoever wins gets yummy food delivered to their home, right when the Academy awards are on.

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