Don’t just survive, thrive with smart online ordering system

This is the era of digitization and customers have a huge range of options, especially in the foodservice industry. They don’t care who you are - a brand or not, until you are able to meet their demand - delicious food at an affordable price delivering at their doorstep in less than 40 minutes!

However, even after all the efforts put in by food delivery companies, there's no guarantee that customers will stick around. On the other hand, looking at the potential of online food delivery as a business model, many bigwigs like Uber and Amazon have entered the bandwagon. Even the old players like McDonald's, Starbucks, Dominoes are doing the spadework to win the customer war. However, these big players are outfitted to meet the demands of the market with their unlimited resources and operational capabilities.

What about the smaller establishments? How can they survive and thrive in the highly competitive market?

One thing that we all know for sure is that serving mouth-watering food and impeccable service isn’t enough, not anymore. Restaurants will soon have to start investing in today's smart, affordable, integrated technology. In this article, we’ll discuss how implementing an online ordering system can help independent restaurants generate greater turnover as well as attract powerful customer loyalty in a short span of time.

Smart Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Decision Convenience – A well-integrated online food ordering system will help your customers make fast decisions. They can have a look at the pictures of the dishes as well as read feedback posted by people who have ordered from the restaurant before.

Customization Convenience - One of the reasons whye is that it gives them the liberty to customize their orders in an unrushed manner. Providing consumers with the customization, simplicity, and flexibility that they seek is a simple tactic that restaurants use to drive new customers and retain the existing ones.

Access Convenience – Live tracking allows your customers to track their order in real time. Having an efficient tracking system increases customer approval ratings and ensures they’ll order from your restaurant in the future.

Payment Convenience – Online food ordering systems offer a plethora of choices to customers in this segment. They can pay with cards, wallets or third party payment apps. The choice is theirs to make.

Post-Benefit Convenience – Smart online ordering system for restaurants provide customers the ease to re-purchase. For eg. They can bookmark their favorite orders, save the address and payment details, which in turn enables them to reorder at a faster rate the next time they decide to order from your restaurant.

10 seconds takeaway: One does not have to be a high-tech restaurant to tap on the potential of the online ordering system. Even small establishments like QSRs and food trucks can reap the benefits of this paradigm shift in the foodservice industry.

On the other hand, independent restaurants need to identify the areas that can leverage the power of new technology and digitization. Restolabs, with its in-house team of experts, equipped with the requisite knowledge and experience, can identify the areas of improvement and provide solutions that will give you the edge among your competitors. Having an efficient online food ordering system in place will not only add to the bottom line but also keep your business thriving.