Custom Development for Oil Center Deli by Restolabs Online Ordering for Restaurants

Located at the bottom of the Oil Center twin office building, The Oil Center Deli is a teeny tiny eatery that started as a snack bar for office workers craving for neighbourhood coffee, a filling burger and a hot pocket, was one of the first few food joints in Oklahoma to adopt and take advantage of in-house online ordering systems.

Brief Experience

Oil Center Deli recognized the potential of online ordering as a medium to increase sales, but the biggest challenge was to find an online ordering platform that could successfully materialize what they had envisioned. This is where our team stepped in.

Since the beginning, Irene Park, the owner of Oil Center Deli, was very clear with her requirements. She needed an online ordering platform where customers could browse the menu and place food orders directly from the restaurant's website and mobile app. In addition, she wanted to make sure that the checkout process is quick and provides multiple payment options.

Our Approach

Depending upon their requirement, our team made a decision to build a simple system with intuitive navigation that would enable customers to complete their orders without feeling overwhelmed at any step of the ordering process. A lot of different technology is used to expedite processes and improve operational efficiency.

The website provides an interactive and user-friendly interface that offers customers a quick and real-time reference for their online order. The registered users were able to enter their location, input the preferred time of delivery, view the menu, customize their meal and place an order without having to go through a long checkout process.

Below are the main use cases for the administration control panel (dashboard) of the system that is used by the restaurant managers and staff.

  1. Manage Menu Categories (Add/Edit/Remove/Find)
  2. Manage Menu Items (Add/Edit/Remove/Find)
  3. Manage Users (Add/Edit/Disable/Remove/Find)
  4. Manage Orders (View/Update)
  5. Accounting (Download Transactions)

The client was pleased seeing the custom-made solution following the vision of the company and its respective goals.


Irene points to accuracy as one of the biggest advantages of having an online ordering. “The entire system has helped us eliminate errors in the ordering process,” she says. "Also when placing online orders customers create their profiles. The data that we gather from this activity help make a number of improvements such as, menu development, customized promotions, delivery area analysis and algorithm for artificial intelligence,” she notes.

Oil Center Deli launched online ordering in February 2019 and has seen double-digit sales growth since then. The traffic through the website has increased exponentially. This helped the brand increase its revenue by 60% in the very first month. The store now offers a complete online ordering option with more than half of their customer-base opting for the online mode rather than through the store.

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