Boosting Online Ordering using Photographs

“Without printing a word, photographs can inspire, educate and motivate people to action.”

The idea behind using images is to simulate an in-store experience for the customer, at least to an extent. It is not possible to completely recreate that in-person experience but photographs are a proof of your authenticity.

People check all the aspects of the item they are likely to order. And, people are more attracted to the item which has images that describe it from different perspectives.

This approach of using images for an item can be a difficult task for the restaurant owner, initially. But over the years we have seen the huge benefits of online ordering and learned about the influence of having an interactive menu.

An online menu provides the opportunity to do so much more than simply presenting a jpeg or pdf.

“Adding a photograph to a restaurant menu can increase sales of an item by as much as 30%. ”

Photographing your menu for online ordering is absolutely essential for good business.

If the customers have any doubt regarding the item they wouldn’t add the item to the cart. The element of doubt regarding any item can be cleared by using photos and descriptions.

Which elements of an online menu can you tweak to boost your sale?

Use Higher Resolution Images

Using quality images that allow zooming provides great assurance to the customer. It establishes your commitment towards quality and prompts the customers to make a purchase. Higher resolution images of your item will prevent any blurring or pixelation when the image is zoomed by the customers.

Be Consistent

One thing is sure that your menu will have multiple items and eventually, you also might decide to add new items to your menu. There will be many items on the menu but you need to present these items with consistency.

  • The key thing to remember is to have good lighting conditions. You don’t want to make your food looks less appealing by poor or misplaced lighting.
  • You also would want to remove unnecessary clutter from the image, naturally, the focus of the images should be the food.
  • Do not try to include external elements from the surroundings like the tableware or people.
  • While photographing the menu, strictly stick to the food.

Now that you are familiar with these elements it is time to get the job done.

If you can invest little, then it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional photographer who will take care of all these things from lighting, composition, background to editing and post production. This will ensure that your food gets the best presentation.

Then there is another way - the way to do it in-house. For that, you will need to be a bit careful but after a few experiments you will figure it out.


Adding images to your online menu will lead to increased sales in items which the customer doesn’t order in person or over the phone.

With the convenience of an online menu the customer can take their time to order, and a menu complemented by good images will definitely engage more customers.

For any further queries you can reach us at and we will get back to you soon. At Restolabs, our design team provides great stock photos for your menu items. We don't stop there, we will also upload it for you!