6 Things You Want Your Reseller Partner to Provide

The Restaurant Industry is one of the fastest growing in the retail business with a projected sales of 2017 to be $799 billion in the US alone. And this industry could definitely use a few more sales channels.

With every progressing day, technology is providing more radical ways to improve customer’s convenience. We have all witnessed what online ordering has done for the restaurant industry. It has fundamentally changed the way we order our food. And with this built up momentum, things are going to be much better for the restaurant business. Lately, online food ordering systems have become more accessible for small restaurant owners, caterers and food trucks.

This could be a good opportunity for a reseller business of online ordering system for restaurants.

The demand for the product is very high if you are a local marketer or conduct business with restaurants on a regular basis, then adding online ordering to your product inventory can be rewarding. But before you jumpstart a reseller business, it is imperative to know about your partner in depth. And we would suggest that you check out these 6 things before starting out a new reseller business.


Ultimately, in a white label reseller program, you will be rebranding the product in your name. So, it is in your best interests to know every possible thing about the product. But when the product is a bit on the technical and is beyond your expertise. Then make sure it works exactly in the way your partner claims it to be.

It is a rigorous process, but if you do it properly then it will save you from a lot of problems in the future. The best way to check if the product is suitable for you is to simply take a trial of the product. Ask the company to initiate a trial for you. (The likelihood of getting a prompt response and a free trial is very high) By taking the trial of the product, you would be able to figure a lot about the product. And it will put you in a better position to go ahead with this business opportunity.


You should check this out, patiently. When you connect all the dots you will get the proper picture, in your case, you can affirm this by reading user testimonials on your partner’s website, social media platforms or any third party forums. If you are looking at a vendor who provides their product through a SaaS model. Then you will easily find user reviews about the company and the product.


You should check the actual time the partner company has spent in building their reseller program. Their total experience shall give you a decent idea of what to expect from them. If they have put considerable experience under their belt then it will make your task (selling to the restaurants) a lot easier. An experienced partner would provide you extensive support in terms of training/ learning about the product, Platform Orientation/Acquaintance, Menu Entry and more.


The primary reason that many white label reseller business fail is due to the lack of support from the partner. If you are looking to establish an exceptional white label reseller business then you will need exceptional technical support from your partner. It is a good idea to have an understanding of the support they are promising and evaluate if it matches your expectations.

You should check their support documentation and you will have a fair idea of what they can offer in terms of support.

When it comes to online food ordering system for restaurant, your partner should provide support in the following categories:

  1. Training Support: This support should not be limited to demonstration purpose only. This support should help you attain a maximum understanding of the product in very little time.

  1. Platform Support: When you have access to your dashboard you will be able to control everything the product is capable from there only. A good platform will help you accomplish many tasks without going through a tedious process. And a good support will ensure that your issues are resolved from the dashboard itself.

  1. Data/Menu Entry Support: Due to the unique nature of the restaurant business the owners are already super occupied with a lot of other things. And many of the small restaurant owners don’t have the time to look at the technical aspects of their online ordering software. This is where Menu/Data Entry support is critical. They expect the software provider to take care of these things. If your partner provides this support then it will make things a lot easier for you in the long run.

  1. Around the Clock Support: There can be unexpected issues that you would have no control over. When the issue is technical you would want your partner to resolve it for you. So, when you are considering a partner for building your own white label reseller business, keep this thing in mind.


If you are looking at SaaS model of business (which is also known as the subscription model), you should ensure that your partner is not competing with you, at least not directly. In most of the cases, it will not be a problem. But it doesn’t hurt to check. Just ask your partner if they are conducting business in your vicinity already. (If they are targeting the same market segment as you are targeting)


When you finalize the deal, request your partner to provide a clear contract. If you are doubtful, then it is always a good idea to seek expert advice.


If you are looking for white label products to sell, then online ordering software is a good choice to start with. When you are looking for a good partner company, just make sure you consider the above points. It will certainly help you find a better business avenue.

Restolabs has been powering online ordering for restaurants for more than 3 years now. We also have a reseller program. If you are interested, then you can reach us here.