5 ways your restaurant website can help capture holiday demand

Restaurateurs know how critical their website is! Not only does the website widen the reach , but also helps build a brand image, establish a loyal customer base, and get the attention you deserve. However, the holiday season can be a bit overwhelming even for the best of us.

When it comes to capturing holiday demand in the COVID times, it is paramount that restaurants pay special attention to their website and mobile ordering app. Decorate them with some animation, inciting food images and of course, special offers to draw some eyeballs.

The holiday season means pure business. Restaurants can have a bigger piece of the pie by following some simple yet game-changing tips.

Having a one-touch ordering system

Your customers strive for convenience when they choose to order online. How would it feel if someone relaxing on the couch had to go through a long process and various steps to complete a single order? Worse, if the person ordering food only wants to order a bowl of Fish and Chips. One-touch ordering undoubtedly has a positive impact on conversion rates as it allows customers to place the order with just “one click”.

It works because the destination address and the payment information needed to complete the transaction has already been entered previously and saved in their customer account. Making the customer’s checkout journey quick, easy and stress-free!

Add an Entry Pop-up on the Website

It’s the holiday season, which is also the season of brunches and family gatherings. So when any who plans to make bulk order lands on the website, they should be introduced to party packs and bundled meals that would be beneficial for them, leading to better conversions for your restaurant.

Now how would you do that?

Simply add an Entry Pop-up to the website to communicate the offering. Entry pop-ups appear as soon as the landing page or the home page of the website has loaded. They are the most underrated form of marketing, but can be really effective when done right. Alternatively, if you see an increase in abandoned carts, Exit pop-ups can help encourage visitors to convert on an offer they didn’t know about.

Adding food images to the menu

Restaurateurs often ask 'do pictures help'? You should know the customer engagement jumps a whopping 65% when the information is provided with attractive pictures. The menu should have delish photos of mouth-watering food. This motivates your customers to order more and increase their cart size.

The visual appeal of food is undeniable. The pictures of your specialties help you make a fantastic first impression since images speak for themselves. Who wouldn't want to buy a good juicy burger? The picture can sell itself like anything. Adding food images to the menu also brings trust, credibility, and adds to the restaurant's branding.

Upselling combos and deal at the checkout page

Upselling can increase the revenue by up to 20%.

The math is simple - offer more food at reasonable discount during the checkout page. Perhaps dips @ just $1 to go along with sandwiches? Soft drink at 50% discount with a Pizza Order? During the holiday season customers are looking for such enticing deals. They love to save on every order and such surprises at the checkout page can encourage them to complete the transactions.

Restaurant owners can identify these combos and place them during checkout. You can also offer them exclusive deals during checkout based on their past buying behaviour. Upselling is efficient because it's easy to sell additional food to someone who's already buying.

Exciting Reward System

Share some happiness around this holiday season with an attractive reward system.

The science behind the rewards system is a no-brainer. People love to get rewarded for every action that they take on your website, especially if they have been loyal to your brand for some time. Popular F&B establishments such as Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks generate millions of dollars through their loyalty programs alone.

Reward your loyal customers with exclusive, personalised and unique offerings to make their holiday season merriers. Something like “Get a Free Meal when 5 Friends Join the Loyalty Program or Order From the Website” would definitely work as such propositions are easy to crack for the participants.

You can promote the loyalty programs and its holiday offerings on social media, Hero Banner of the Website, as well the Blogs.

Now what you are waiting for, let’s get going and make the holiday season special for yourself and for your customers with these tips.

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