5 ways integrating Online Ordering and POS Systems helps you retain customers

You've realized that the way you want to capture your customer's attention would require you to follow an integrated approach. While your restaurant's in-store service is doing pretty well, but capturing the wider audience, which is online, requires a strategy with greater flexibility, control, and intelligence than ever before. Businesses are moving from traditional setups to iPads, smartphones and cloud-based ordering systems. This technological shift is here to stay and the sooner the restaurants realize the potential of it, the better it will serve them in the long run.

There are just a few of the many POS systems that allow smooth integration with online ordering systems - providing a fine mix of all the ingredients that make a restaurant do well. Point-of-sale integrations are a combination of hardware and software that work to enhance the basic functionalities of the POS system, providing the restaurants with a number of benefits. There are many new functionalities restaurants can gain by linking their POS systems with online ordering for restaurants, such as order management, delivery management, employee management, accounting, customer engagement tools, data analytics, marketing and so on that can expand the value and capabilities of your restaurant on all major levels.

“POS integrations that work via your website or a customized mobile app, mostly automated can help restaurants focus their time and energy on the quality of food and customer service.”

5 ways how integrating POS system with Online Ordering can help retain customers and boost repeat business.

Make to-go orders a breeze

With the right POS integrations, online order and delivery management shouldn't give you or your customers a headache. Integrating online ordering with POS system will ensure that your employees are not hassled by repeated calls. On the other hand, such integrations ensure shorter waiting times for takeout and delivery as the system directly sends the orders to the kitchen staff.

Fast and Convenient Interactions

The ability to directly interact with the automated system to place orders enable customers to order as per their convenience. Many times customers prefer to place an advance order. With a feature like "order for later", customers can place the orders hours or even days in advance. For the restaurant, this simple benefit will help reduce the risk of missed orders immensely.

Instant Pay Options

POS integrations make payment processing as easy as pie. Customers care about how easy it is to pay for their orders, so if you're not using advanced software this part of the experience can reflect negatively on your business. A robust and highly advanced online ordering platform can take care of this requirement by accommodating multiple payment options.

Engage customers with Mobile Apps

POS integration with mobile ordering app is a great way to reach customers with custom offers, exciting content, and loyalty programs. Mobile apps can take orders, prepayment, and even reservations to streamline day to day operations. You can also use push notification feature on your mobile app to send notifications regarding menu update, offers or any event that you may be organizing at your restaurant. This will help cultivate a well-knit relation with the customers, and in turn, help you to retain them for long.

Make it their way!

Your customers would like to see that you understand their needs and requirements. If someone prefers to order french fries with their regular meals, it would be delightful for them to see a suggestion window pop up on their screen to add french fries to their order. A modern POS system integrated with the online ordering system will help you track a wide variety of information about your customers that you can use to offer personalized services. Such insights can also help you gather strategies to improve your customer’s experience.

Consistency is key to customer retention

When you are able to deliver exceptional customer experience every time they order from your restaurants, they are bound to order again and more frequently. Integrating your POS system with Online Ordering can help you attain consistency. Making a profit is the primary objective of all businesses, so what are you waiting for? Keep these benefits in mind and start seeing improvements for both you and your customers.

Perhaps before you get on board, it is important to ensure that your POS system is compatible with the online ordering system so that the integration process is simplified. Integrations with Restolabs online ordering system is sure to make your life easier via technology and automation.

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