5 Things Restaurants Owners can Expect in 2019

What goes around, comes around, this old adage doesn't fall true for the restaurant industry. With hundreds of high-concept and quick service restaurants popping up every day, in all parts of the world, the wheel has been broken into small, but interesting fragments that we call “delight” in a foodie’s world.

Chefs are no longer interested in serving the old, classic, and the palates of food-lovers seem to be moving toward healthier, simpler, yet eccentric dishes that not only satiate their cravings for good food but also don’t interfere with their fitness goals. From Farm to Table is a concept that restaurants are forced to adopt, and technology must be an integral part of the operations. So much has changed in the last couple of years, and so much is in line, making us wonder, if the new-age restaurants would be able to cope up with the cut-throat competition and if they do, how?

Whether you’re a new establishment and looking for a headstart in the industry or an old one looking to get an edge over competitors the below 2019 Restaurants Trends is what you need to keep an eye on in the year 2019.

Local Equals Freshness

Consumers want to eat fresh. They want to know where their food is grown and how. Most of all, they are ready to pay the premium price for locally sourced, fresh and organic food. “Buying local” is a major trend of the year and it is going to stick around for a while - a fact supported by a survey where 67% of Americans say they want to know everything that goes into their food.

Locally sourced food doesn't have to travel miles to reach the end customers that automatically cuts down the need to use preservatives. Locally sourced food is more natural and healthy, making a stronger local economy and happier consumers.

Clean Menus

Eating "Clean" is what consumers are looking for when dining out. People have become more aware of what to eat and what not. As expected, fried and processed ingredients are a no-go, while fresh fruits and organically grown vegetables, and plant milk are the preferred options. Such kind of awareness often induces the habit of conscious eating.

71% of Americans are concerned about the long-term effects of eating heavily processed foods. Diners have started seeing eating clean as an investment for a long and healthy life. While high-end restaurants have already started accommodating "clean" dishes in their extravagant menus, QSRs are also introducing healthy offerings to cater to the demand of this trend.

Technology Adoption

Technology has helped the food industry grow exponentially. 73% diners have agreed that technology has improved their restaurant experiences. From increased efficiency in order management to better diner experience, the benefits of technology are tremendous, and restaurant owners can no longer view this as a luxury. Consumers are embracing more common types of restaurant technology, such as kiosks, online ordering, and digital payments.

Instagrammable Experience

Instagram Marketing is not a trend anymore. It's a platform that has majorly contributed to the food revolution. In fact, instagramming the pictures of enticing food has become an integral part of not just the lives of the restaurants themselves, but also their consumers. The best part? It's 100% free advertising. Research has shown that food lovers spend five-six hours a week browsing just food images on Instagram, and 30% would avoid a restaurant with a weak or no Instagram presence. Got your cue?

Delivery Only

It's almost impossible to neglect the rising trend of delivery-only kitchens. In the face of growing demand, we expect to see continued growth in delivery-only kitchens in the year 2019. This will diversify too with the rapid growth of delivery apps. Delivery only kitchens are a boon for bootstrapping restaurateurs, who can set up a website for online ordering and get immediate access to a growing digital market, without having to spend an enormous risk—of a traditional restaurant set up.

What do you see in your crystal ball?

Now that we have got you covered for the coming year, it's time you re-think the developments and strategies in accordance with the above given unusual trends of the restaurant industry. If you know how to play your cards right, it won't take long to capture the attention of the lovers of all things "food".