5 Key Ideas for Marketing your Restaurant

Online marketing is probably one of those wonderful things that happened to your restaurant.

The present market scenario demands restaurants invest more in online marketing. It doesn’t mean that you completely do away with your traditional marketing strategies but invest a larger part of your resources for the “online cause”. When we see the current market trends, going online is something which is considered to be obligatory.

We have changed ways from yellow pages and phone books to the internet. Building a strategic online presence isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight. It will require time.

Building a compelling online influence requires a strategic presence on the search engines and social media platforms. As we order food online, we read what others say about the place. These reviews are a crucial part of an online marketing strategy. An adept strategy would deal with negative reviews sensibly. Providing a quick response to resolve an issue is always counted as a good sign. It shows that you care for your customers.

When it comes to online marketing, restaurants have already got a lot on their plate. Consider the following to be an integral part of your marketing plan.

  1. The basic requirement is a fully functional website that helps customers to find your restaurant. The website should provide them the option to order online. In this way, they will not exit the website after finding an address or a phone number. A website integrated with online ordering has a higher conversion rate and it also adds value to customer’s convenience.

  1. Menu for an online ordering system should be crafted skilfully with the use of descriptions and high-quality images of the food items. It is your invitation letter to the world. Design it in a way that represents your resolve to provide the best service to your customers.

  1. Social media can be used to promote different offers, discounts, off-hour business and special incentives. It is the place to interact with your customers at a more personal level.

  1. A loyalty program is a good way to promote your restaurant. You can appeal to your customers by pitching deals that are exclusive to them only. When a customer hasn’t visited you in a long time or a special event like a birthday or an anniversary is approaching. You can throw in a special coupon for a free drink/dessert and email it to them. This not only shows your concern for them but also brings in more business.

  1. Give your customers the option to avail different channels to pay online. Your flexibility in accepting payments will be gladly welcomed by your customers.


The online world is evolving at quite a fast pace. So, the restaurants have to keep a keen eye on the technology upgrades that can be utilized to run a smarter marketing strategy. Ultimately, what is true for most businesses is also true for restaurant business: technology is always a principal engine for growth. We can help you to implement these new technologies for your food business. You can reach us at info@restolabs.com.