5 Halloween Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Help Bring in New Customers

Spooky night, pumpkin-laden streets and eccentric tricks and treats - Halloween is upon us and if there’s any industry that should benefit the most from this festival is the Restaurant Industry. Why? Because no festival is complete without a good platter of food and with online ordering at their fingertips, it has become all the more easy for customers to order their favorite delicacies at the click of a button,

Let's be honest, people don't think of Halloween as a "dine-in night." Everyone is looking for a quick bite before they begin party hopping. On the other hand, there is another bunch of people who simply want to enjoy a night in watching their favorite scary movies - of course, with a lavish box of pizza.

According to The National Retail Federation study, Americans spent a total of $9.0 billion in 2018 on Halloween, compared to just $7.4 billion in 2014. Such statistics clearly depict that the people are spending more now than ever and for a restauranteur, it is a good reminder to work out the marketing strategies to galvanize the customer base in this ghoulish festival.

So what can you do this year? How would you make sure that your customers - both loyalists and new ones feel welcomed, engaged and motivated to order from you? Here are some Halloween Marketing Ideas that you can try!

A free trip to a haunted house

Who wouldn't appreciate a set of free tickets to a ghost tour or haunted house on a Halloween weekend? If you are looking for a marketing gimmick that can reap good ROI with a minimum investment in marketing, this is perhaps, a wonderful idea.

All you have to do buy a few tickets for community events, ghost tours or a visit to a local haunted house and keep a lucky draw and few eligibilities. For instance; anyone who orders food worth $40 or more in a single transaction over the week will be eligible to take part in the draw.

Drive sales from User Generated Content

Bat Wings and Slimy Snakes for Halloween Dinner, anyone? Set up a special menu and encourage your customers to upload a picture of the dishes from the Halloween Menu on their social media handles. Give them a chance to get featured on the brand’s page. If done right, this kind of marketing tactic can be a great way to drive user-generated content.

Why do you need user-generated content? Several studies have suggested that more than 80% of internet users trust the photos taken by other customers than those taken by the brand itself. This supports the significance of adding user-generated content to the marketing plan for companies aiming to increase online sales.

Invest in Seasonal Packaging

Create a new hype around with limited-edition Halloween packaging. Festive packaging is often a hit with consumers and Halloween offers a great opportunity to play with colors and textures in creative ways.

For example: Burger King came up with a spooky version of its food packaging for Halloween. It’s iconic crown personified spooky skeleton, while the burgers were packed in a zombie looking box. The spooky crown was a brilliant idea and could be doubled as a Halloween decoration.

Regardless of theme and material you select, always remember that the packaging must celebrate Halloween, as well as be engaging for customers, putting a smile on their faces.

Talk about Free Candy….

...wherever possible and as much as you can. There’s no better time of the year than fall to offer your customers deals and freebies. Make sure that every time a customer opens your online ordering website or food ordering app, there is something interesting on offer.

For instance, you can host a social media costume contest and ask your customers to tag your brand on their social media feed. Whoever gets maximum likes, comments or engagement can win a free meal on their next purchase.

The more creative your promotions, the more people will want to participate in it and order from your restaurant.

Participate in Local Events

Your marketing plan for Halloween doesn’t just have to take place on your website. Find out about local Halloween-centric events happening in your town and participate in them.

Participating in food fairs, and festivals will increase brand awareness as well as bring in customers who’ve never heard of your restaurant. The sponsors of the events often feature participating brands in their advertising publication, which serve as an added benefit for your brand image.

Let people know about the events you are participating in advance through your social media accounts. Make sure you put your plans on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram - that’s where your audience is!

It’s time to embrace the season of Pumpkins

So here you are! 5 marketing ideas that will help you make the most of the season of pumpkins, ghosts, and zombies. If you are willing to be creative, you can bring in huge sales numbers during this holiday season. Halloween is a fun holiday, and you can use these simple, yet effective marketing tips to make it even more fun for your guests!

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Speak to our experts today and let us help you market your restaurants this festive season. For more restaurant marketing ideas, check out the homepage of our blog.