3 tips to create powerful hooks for your restaurant brand

Hook, in the marketing world, is a thing designed to catch people's attention. A brand can try out different strategies and tactics to stay in buzz, but if it doesn’t have a powerful sales hook, chances are that people won't remember it for too long.

In today's highly competitive market, not having a brand hook that connects with customers and resonates with their ideologies can prove detrimental for your business. It’s a story you must tell in a way that becomes memorable for everyone.

So what exactly is a marketing hook and how can you create one?

When it comes to the restaurant industry, a marketing hook could be anything from a signature dish to a marketing gimmick that that captures your customer's imagination and sets your restaurant apart from the competition.

Not to be confused with a call-to-action line, a marketing hook is what you’re known for or what someone thinks of when they hear about your brand. In the marketing landscape, your hook is only successful if your customers remember it and share it with others.

Examples of Restaurant Marketing Hook

  1. Yum Yum Tree: A sushi bar equipped with a moving conveyer belt loaded with an assortment of sushi platters moving along the bar to serve customers. Such an experience would definitely encourage repeat visits and loyal customers.
  2. Barclays Prime: The idea of a $120 cheesesteak, the world’s most expensive, was a well-thought-out marketing hook that became viral instantly.
  3. Homeroom, An Oakland-based restaurant, serves macaroni and cheese in 10 unique ways.
  4. Moontower Pizza Bar in Texas is known for its Largest Pizza Commercially Available - BUS.

So you see? If you want your restaurant to stand out, it’s important to come up with a concept, a dish, or perhaps a drink that’s not available anywhere else. Make it your signature offering and market it so well that people from all over the world flock into your restaurant to wave at your delicious product.

Discovering the Attention-Grabbing Hook

It’s all about understanding your brand’s character traits and zeroing on a quality that other people will find appealing. Ask yourself the following questions and start shortlisting the qualities that you think have the potential to become the marketing hook for your brand:

Do you have a signature dish?

Can you make a dish or a drink that’s only available at your outlet?

How about concept packaging?

Do you think being environmentally friendly can help your brand stand out?

Is there a concept that you can use to leverage the brand?

How can you make your offerings different from that of your competitors?

Your hook is something that would engage your audience with the brand. Think of it as a way of expressing your brand’s mission and vision to your customers.

Expand Your Horizons

A hook isn’t just about what you stand for as a brand or what you can offer as an establishment. Sometimes it can be as easy as introducing unique promotions and deals that would encourage participation from your customers.

For example; Every Monday, Pick any Drink for $5 could be a great way to encourage repeat visits on a Monday. You can choose any other day depending upon your weekly sales graph.

Apart from this, organizing events, live shows or standup sessions can also help boost traffic to the restaurant. Pivoted to delivery-only model because of the pandemic? Think about unique packaging to elevate the customer experience. Use your full arsenal of online tools, including Spotify playlists, a surprise gift with each order, or maybe a small wrist band with your brand’s initials. Sit with your team and brainstorm on ideas that you can inculcate in the coming months to keep your customers engaged and connect to the brand.

Be Consistent

Regardless of what your hook ultimately becomes, make sure you consistently use it for all your marketing communication. Choose keywords, taglines, or jargons that associate with your offering and reinforce the hook. This may include something like “Super Saving Mondays”, “World’s Juiciest Steak”, “All Organic Pizza” and so on.

In a world where people are bombarded with 300+ advertisements every second, a hook is an absolute necessity. The key to success is creating a unique and memorable hook that helps achieve the annual sales goals, as well as the growth plan.