Why should your business have a branded mobile app?

From a convenience store to the fifth largest pizza chain - Casey’s story.

Casey’s General Store Inc. was all over the news recently for its relaunch of the pizza app for android as well as iOS devices.

Casey’s was famous all over as a convenience store chain, until it forayed into serving freshly made pizzas in 1984. Now, its the fifth largest pizza chain in USA, with 2100 convenience stores all over the country. A yearly estimate of its sales comes to 19 million whole pizzas and about 62 million individual slices.

With the new app it has given Customers the power to browse local menus, customize their pizzas and order their favourites just in a few clicks! It was one of the first few to come up with a dedicated mobile app for all its offerings at Casey’s convenience stores.

The above scenario can be considered as a model example in leveraging the power of branded app to expand your market and climb to the top in a very short span of time. But, what exactly are the benefits, a branded mobile app is able to provide for its business? Let’s have a look below –

Direct marketing & relationship channel

With the increasing use of mobile phones, having an app for your business, is literally akin to having your business just a hand-grab away from your customers. Not only this leads to better, but cost effective forms of communication – as you don’t have to take the support of third-party services to advertise to your customers.

The app data comes directly into your hands, you get to know your customers and their buying patterns better. This in turn leads to an effective customer-business relationship, where the business is available for customer’s needs.

Convenience for both parties

An average American spends two hours on his/her mobile device on an average. Although, every customer has to search for the specific apps they want to access, but being in the way sure adds to the convenience.

Studies also show that most of the buying or window shopping does not happen at leisure, when people have their desktops open infront of them, but between waiting times for appointments, waiting for trains, travelling in public transport etc. So, the more often we are available right where the customer needs us, better our business is going to be.

Similarly as above, with an app its more convenient for a business to group their TG, and to segregate the people they are yet to win over. App data is a huge plus in getting to know your customers better.

Race ahead of your competitors with a marketing app

Even though, this is often called as the digital age, not every business comes with an app. More or less, this is where the market is headed with busier than ever lives and customers being spoilt on the brand of convenience. If your industry is still not as tech-savvy and not every other competitor comes with an app, this might just be your selling edge.

If not so, and most competitors usually come with an app in your industry, then what have you been waiting for?


Enhanced Customer Loyalty

With so much noise all around and every brand, every industry trying to grab the customer’s attention, we are losing real connection with our customers. Similarly, traditional methods of advertising, though powerful have also become less and less effective with time. Apps not only bridge the gap between a customer and a business, but a good UI also ensures that they stick to you.

At the end of the day, if you do provide what your customers require, and deliver that right in their notification boxes, chances are your customers are not going anywhere else.

Restolabs online ordering system and mobile app is your best bet to go online and serve your customers. With features like in-built marketing tools, push notifications and reordering feature, you can ensure that your brand app experience is the best way to connect with customers for your business and vice-versa.

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