Using Online Ordering Every Inch To Grow Your Restaurant Business

When we talk of online ordering, two things that come on top of our heads is website and Mobile app but as a restaurant owner have you ever thought that there could be more to how online ordering can be used to drive higher revenues and increase order numbers. I am writing this article for restaurant owners who being a delivery QSR restaurant have ignored Online Ordering and for Restaurants who have online ordering but have not explored it to the fullest. Four ways that online ordering could be used as a channel to generate orders 1. Online Ordering on Restaurant Website: This is the reason we all go out looking for online ordering system for the first time. Restaurants want to allow their customers the convenience to place orders online at the same time as it helps them stay ahead of their competition as well. 2. Mobile Ordering App: Customers are app savvy now, they love to have their favorite restaurant’s app on their mobile phones to have instant access to the online shop. Now imagine if a customer loves your food but he does not have the option to place order online and there is another restaurant on your street that finds its way to land in the mobile phone of your customer, staying with him 24*7 at instant reach. What would you do? My advice “Be there before anyone else does”. 3. Facebook Ordering: Facebook is an excellent social platform to connect with your customers. The power of that one like is amazing; Now if you are running some offers and post them on facebook, that one like of your customer will get you a reach of 400 - 500 out of which the likeliness of reaching your target audience is approximately 5% which would be 20 -30. Isn’t that just amazing. 4. AnyDevice. AnyWhere. Anytime: With online ordering system providers like Restolabs, Restaurants can allow their customers the convenience of placing orders from any device from anywhere at anytime. For customers who have bulk orders to place can use the pre-ordering feature to organize things in advance and easen up. Placing heavy orders on phone can at times be quite an irritating process. For example ordering your favorite Sub, what would you prefer online ordering or phone? I guess online as I know what i want to have and just tick my options and check out. Isn’t that just simple and fantastic. An Online Ordering System that a restaurant uses needs to be robust and yet simple to use and manage. It should be fun and not a Pain. At Restolabs we have innovated the process of updating menus real time, it only takes a click to update menus. The Power of Loyalty cannot be denied, customers are delighted to get rewarded for their purchases and it’s an excellent way to build your customer base. Real Time Analytics allow you to asses your customer’s choices. For example you might be giving a discount on your burgers but there is a possibility that most of your customers like your wraps or sandwiches. The more you know your customers the more it helps you in serving them better and hence more the chances of your restaurant growth. Restolabs offers Coupon Builder that allows you to create coupons that can be mailed or printed and distributed to customers to increase sales and build customer base. Other features that are essential to an Online Ordering System include A clean and friendly ordering page Menu Customization ability such as adding toppings A process to get notified of Orders via email, Sms, Print or Fax Secure payment gateway Fast System with no loading delays Order Management dashboard to manage orders Driver management to manage orders and drivers Real Time Analytics It is no brainer that Online Ordering is here to stay. Customers spend most of their time online performing various activities such as browsing social media platforms, reading online newspapers, chatting with friends etc. Mobile has become as an extended organ and so we a part of the online world, We have no choice but to explore every inch of this space to grow our businesses.