Use of Technology in Today's Restaurant

In the digital age, finding a yummy meal or delectable sweet is simply a couple of clicks away.

Before setting foot outside, around 45% of customers have already chosen where to eat with the assistance of an online dining directory. Online reviews and ratings are a huge decider of which restaurant to chose — fifty seven of patrons rely on them.

Even more interesting is that despite the increase of online food directories like Urbanspoon or Menupages, 41% of customers will wine and dine at a specific restaurant once receiving a promotional email.
The National restaurant Association drew up the infographic below showcasing how technology is ever-changing the food trade. Plus, look into the varieties of technology customers expect to visualize in restaurants.

Looks like the advent of technology in the restaurant indusrty is not only imminent but also on the sharp rising curve. Is your restaurant ready for such a radical change .