Restolabs helps Great Wraps increase sales and simplify operations

Established in 1989, Great Wraps is a chain of quick-service restaurants with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Great Wraps specializes in sandwich creations including wrap sandwiches with interesting ingredients.

Christina Ramirez, the owner of a Houston outlet of the franchise - Great Wraps, wanted to take her business online to add a new revenue stream. Over the course of time, she realized that relying on food aggregators like DoorDash, UberEats, and others with a similar model would turn out to be an expensive deal in the long run. She admits that paying commissions to these third parties proves to be a huge disadvantage.

With a mission to bring high-quality food to the vibrant neighborhood, widen the reach and establish a strong independent online presence, Christina set out to find technology that could meet her requirements without making a heavy investment. “It’s definitely not easy finding a service that can meet all of your expectations”, Cristina says. “The online ordering market is expanding year on year, and I wanted to make sure that I get the best technology partner for my business, she adds.

After a lot of research, she decided to implement Restolabs to accommodate her full service, online-based business model. “Restolabs was far beyond the other companies we looked at,” Cristina remembers.

One of the biggest reasons why Cristina decided to stick to Restolabs is because it offers a flat price “instead of paying commissions based on sales”, unlike third-party food aggregator sites. And her favorite Restolabs features is its “customer service”. Below is the excerpt from her product review on Capterra,

“Absolutely FANTASTIC and GENIUS online platform - I would give them 10 and not 5 stars”

Overall: Price, very user friendly for people with no previous experience, awesome customer service

Pros: Would like to start by saying that I'm super intense, demanding and perfectionist person, also this was my very first time setting up an online ordering system. My academic background (MBA) is nothing related to this field and was able to set this up, all thanks to the robust design of this software. Customer service was beyond excellent, He had replied to more than 100 emails that I have sent and always has sorted out my queries Did a research before buying this software and could find anything cheaper or better than RestoLabs

“When we started, our catering sales were nil, a year later, now the catering sales represent 20% of the total transaction,'' says Cristina. Cristina credits the use of online ordering for this significant transformation. It not only creates a profitable niche for revenue but also makes the business stand out in the community - convenience being one of the top reasons for this transformation, she adds.

Online Ordering System does make a huge difference!

With online ordering, Cristina has seen a tremendous increase in the number of orders, as well as the order value. In a feedback interview with Restolabs, she spoke about an observation where she noticed that walk-in customers usually have a set mind when they enter the doors, they know exactly what they want to buy, place their order, pay and move out. They are not really looking out for recommendations or promotions, or perhaps, too occupied to take note of such things. Most of the customers are always in a hurry and hence, want to get their orders executed without any obstruction.

“But with online ordering, the system is designed in such a way that customers enjoy browsing their options, they take their sweet time to select the dishes and definitely, take note of the recommendation pop-ups. All this adds up in the long run and we end up getting orders of higher value compared to the offline sales”, Cristina shares with our executive.

So how Restolabs helped Cristina take her business to the next level?

Cristina recalls her apprehension while looking for an online ordering system for restaurants. “It’s apparent that online ordering system acts as a big contributor to a restaurant’s growth, but choosing the right one for your business can still be an uphill task,'' Cristina says. “There are quite a few companies offering this service. Some features are common to all, while others are quite unique”, she adds.

"Pricing, ease of ordering, customer management, set-up process, customer service are just some of the essential features to consider while taking your pick", Cristina suggests. Eventually, it all depends on a restaurant’s needs. But it’s also important to think long term to see which service partner will provide sustained benefits and support. Like Cristina recommends the key lies in doing exhaustive research, which is how she finally came to settle for Restolabs.

Now let’s look at how Restolabs helped Great Wraps deliver a high touch experience in an efficient way.

Multiple online ordering channels

The cloud-based online ordering software Restolabs bridges the gap between restaurants and diners by allowing the latter to place orders on multiple channels. These include restaurant websites, mobile apps, and social media ordering.

Convenience and flexibility are both paramount to modern digital-savvy customers. They should be able to order food from a restaurant whenever they want to and whatever platform they choose to.

Sticking to the antiquated method of ordering via phone will do nothing but hurt your business in a massive way. Restolabs understands the demands of the modern customer, making their online ordering system compatible across all desktop and mobile devices.

Easy ordering process

Restolabs makes sure that it gives top priority to ease of ordering. Right from navigating the site to selecting items from the menu and final payment, a customer does not face any unnecessary hurdles.

One way this is ensured is by not making it mandatory for customers to sign-up and create an account in order to use the services. Restolabs offers a ‘Guest Checkout’ option making the ordering process smooth, while minimizing bounce rate, which can go up to 80% when customers are asked to sign-up. This process can assure a 50% faster checkout process for new users.

Additionally, Restolabs also provides flexibility by letting customers make changes to their orders even after having already sent their requests. The inclusion of a wide range of payment options also adds to the ease of the ordering process.

Organized order management system

Restolabs helps streamline a restaurant’s day-to-day operations, from receiving an order to final delivery, with its efficient order management system. From a simple dashboard, that’s accessible anytime and anywhere, restaurant owners can perform tasks like managing incoming orders on the go, updating customers on their orders and making changes to menus.

The sales dashboard contains information about all the new, active and canceled orders a well as lifetime sales details and more. The software also gives exact information about cash flow, helping owners stay in the loop about profitability by providing meticulous details of costs incurred during preparation of an order as well as comparing it to the cost sustained while delivering it to the customer.

Real time analytics

Every important detail that you ever wanted about your customers in order to improve your services and offer excellent dining experiences is possible, thanks to Restolabs’ real-time analytics feature. Data about who your regular customers are, how frequent do they place an order, which platform do they order from, which is the top-selling and worst-performing items in your menu are all essential in moulding your business to suit your customer’s needs.

With the aid of such data, restaurants are able to create personalized experiences for both loyal returning customers as well as new ones.

One way of doing this is through Restolabs’ coupon code generator. Restaurants can create coupons for customers according to their personal preferences and buying behavior. So whether it’s getting a discount or getting their favorite dish for free on the next order, its an assured way to attract customers, while also having the opportunity to increase average online order size. A win-win for both sides.

Dedicated customer support

As Cristina has endorsed, Restolabs’ customer support is one of the very best and a top reason why she chose to stick to the software. The customer service is available 24x7 so that clients can reach out for any query anytime of the day or week.

Not only that while Restolabs guarantees quick turnaround, but it also understands that no query is small, and takes time to assess every question, complaint and doubt to come up with the best possible solution. An added advantage is that Restolabs offers multilingual customer support, an indispensable feature, especially in a diverse country like the USA.

Flat pricing and no hidden cost

Again as quoted by Cristina, flat pricing offered by Restolabs was a big factor in making her final choice. A restaurant opts for an online ordering system to make money, not to lose more of it.

Features like flexible payment options, fixed monthly payment instead of taking commissions on the value of orders, no hidden costs, free 30-day trial are all part of what makes Restolabs’ pricing attractive to its clients.

A Restaurateur’s Recommendation for a Restolabs Online Ordering Software

What advice does Cristina Ramirez offer to fellow restaurateurs? She suggests that those looking for a robust, highly intuitive online ordering solution for their restaurant must begin by identifying their business' specific needs. “Identify the functionality and features you need to run your own branded online ordering website and an app," she says. "The chosen service provider should have an efficient system to handle the technology,'' she adds. "We wanted to focus on the food and customer experience, and wanted Restolabs to handle all the technology-related activities. That's exactly the kind of service we received from their end - it saves us money, as well as time. The restaurant has seen great efficiency gains since the partnership".

"Restolabs’ online ordering system for restaurants makes me feel confident about my job without having to worry about the technology behind it. Their cloud-based system has made our restaurant more efficient, helping us take things to the next level”

~Cristina Ramirez