How Facebook Ordering Tool can help Boost Restaurant Sales

According to Forbes, Facebook ordering may be the biggest technology leap coming in the next year, as nearly 100 percent of restaurant owners say they plan to have a Facebook presence by next year.

So if you have a restaurant and a Facebook page, this is great news for you!

With a whopping 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. People have been using Facebook for connecting with friends and family for more than a decade now, and in today's social distancing world, it’s significance and usage has increased by tenfold, for obvious reasons.

Not surprised though, the platform has also emerged as a handy tool for advertising and promoting business, with over 57% of Facebook users buying products and services directly from the business’ pages.

Brands across the world are leveraging Facebook and promoting their services to draw in more customers than ever. Facebook is enabling businesses to reach out to the targeted audience and convert them into loyal patrons.

With that being said, having a business page on social media is similar to having a dedicated website. So if you own a restaurant and looking to add another revenue stream to your digital operations, enabling the Facebook Ordering tool would be a good decision.

Why should you use the online food ordering system on Facebook? What’s in it for you?

Superior food ordering without disrupting the user experience

Facebook helps in drawing prospective clients and new followers to your restaurant page through interactivity and engaging content. Being the third most-visited website in the world, the platform can sell your foods like hotcakes. Facebook food ordering system allows users to order food online in the application itself. This means users won’t even have to leave Facebook to order their food.

Simple, short & quick checkout

Do you know over 40-45% of online cart abandonments take place due to a cumbersome checkout process? One-step easy navigation with trusted payment methods available makes people buy from you. Facebook has shortened the path towards ordering food online. Without wasting much time, people can order food within a few clicks.

Easy to browse menu

The menu is the heart of any restaurant business. Facebook lets you add food options to the menu dynamically. The user-interface is engaging for the customers. Restaurant owners can add, remove, or update food options on the go without affecting a user’s online order experience. Set different items each day, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

Direct Promotions

The customer placing an order on your business Facebook page is shared among their connections. The platform also prompts the customers to leave feedback on their experience with the brand. This naturally increases the reach for your restaurant and creates more interest among patrons towards your restaurant.

Increase conversion with the ‘Order Food’ button

5k Likes, 200 Comments, and 50 Shares on a stunning image of a Sushi Platter?

Your restaurant might be doing a great job in attracting food lovers, but you also need to encourage, or rather entice people to take the next step and order food. Facebook’s ‘See Menu and Order” tab allows them to place their order without leaving their social media experience. All a Facebook user has to do to satisfy a hunger pain is click “Order Now”, and they’re good to go. The shorter the journey to place an order, the better sales you can expect!

Integrate Facebook with Restolabs Ordering System

Restolabs is a leading provider of online ordering systems built for restaurants. The platform provides specifically-tailored online ordering systems to suit your restaurant demands. One of the most popular offerings of Restolabs is Facebook ordering. Your customers can place an order right from the Facebook page without having to migrate to any food application. The best part is you don’t even need the help of a professional developer. With a quick and easy setup process, you can start accepting orders via Facebook within minutes!

Restolabs lets you make your food available to a larger audience. People can order food on the move through Facebook’s ordering tool. This ensures a higher conversion rate and an increased average order value.

How to take orders on Facebook

Schedule a one-on-one Demo with our reps to learn how to install Restolabs on your Facebook with easy to follow steps.

What about Pricing?

Restolabs’ premium subscription of $85 per month/store entails all revenue-boosting features, including Facebook ordering, online payments, point-of-sale integration, reward programs, and much more. You may also sign-up with an Enterprise subscription. Based on the size of your business and specific requirements, Restolabs can offer a customized solution under the Enterprise Package.

The digital revolution is transforming how we live our lives. To stay at the top of their game, restaurants of all sizes have started leveraging social media technologies. Facebook is no longer merely a promotional tool. Restaurants can leverage Facebook’s online ordering facility to grow exponentially, serve customers better, and become competitive more than ever.

Get a free 60 Days trial for the Restolabs Online Ordering System to configure Facebook Ordering and start accepting orders from your restaurant social media page today!