How Restolabs' Online Ordering for Restaurants Helps Increase Average Online Order Value

It’s 2019 and 80% of your customers, current as well as potential are online. They are ordering food online, browsing menu on food aggregators sites, looking for a new restaurant recommendation on Instagram and making reservations using their phone apps. What’s more? They are doing all of this and much more on their smartphone. This means that if your restaurant is not online, or if you don’t provide the facility to make reservations and place food orders online, you’re losing a big chunk of your business to your competitors - every minute, every hour and every month. Eventually, your business will die and you’ll have to wrap up your operations sooner than you could have imagined.

So what do you to combat this issue? Online ordering is the key mechanism to increase average order size compared to phone-in or takeout orders. Most restaurants are taking firm routes to establish a strong online presence. While those who can’t immediately invest in an in-house online ordering and delivery are partnering with third-party delivery companies to spread the word out, while those who can, are making the best use of the system that’s designed to help restaurants increase average order size.

If you wish to sell more and serve more, you must leverage the power of online ordering.

Average Online Order Size > Phone/Takeout Orders

Average online order size or average basket size is a KPI for any restaurant business. The idea to calculate AOV is to find the average amount customers are spending on your website.

To calculate Average Order Value, you divide revenue by the total number of orders in a given month.

We have often found that average order size is higher with online ordering compared to phone/takeout orders. There are many reasons for this shift, some of the most notable ones are:

  • The automated and personalized recommendations for additional items to include with the order;
  • Customers can place orders as per their convenience
  • Customers get more time to browse the menu and try new dishes that they normally won’t order if they were placing orders via phone.

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How Restolabs’ Features Help Increase Average Online Order Size

Wedgewood Pizza recently partnered with Restolabs' to integrate online ordering with its existing POS system. In the first three months of implementation, they saw a whopping increase of 668% in digital, delivery-only orders. This Austin Town based Pizza Outlet turned its online ordering website into an opportunity to connect with its audience and increase average check size.

Here is a list of just a few, but impressive features that Restolabs’ provides that help restaurants, of all sizes and kinds, multiply their monthly revenue without having to invest a hefty amount on technological updates and operational structure.

Facebook Ordering

Wouldn't it be great if your customers could order their favorite food without having to interrupt their social media time? Our Facebook Ordering feature just provides that convenience. While your customers are browsing the videos of food delicacies around the world, they might just feel tempted to order one for themselves. And if your restaurant can allow them to save the hassle of switching between the apps, you can have a better chance at turning your Facebook fans into loyal customers eating ordering their delicious bite on Facebook.

Multilingual Support

Not all our customers speak the same language and it is much easier to convert them into a brand loyalist if you know how to speak their language. So if your customers speak Aramaic, Aramaic is what you use to connect with them. Restolabs multilingual support can make online ordering a breeze for customers who like to interact in their native language. The more comfortable you make them feel with an easy user-interface, the more they’re likely to order from your website.

Loyalty Points

Why not give your fans another reason to order from your website? Reward them for all the purchases that they make on your website and they’ll surely come back knocking at your door to use their loyalty points and definitely end up ordering more than usual. Remember to give them more points and additional benefits for higher basket sizes

Real-Time Analytics

Won’t you like to know who your customers are, what they like to order from your restaurant and frequency of orders? Having access to such information can help you create personalized experiences for your regular customers that would automatically prompt them to order from your website over and over again. From the sales reports to what your customers like the most is available in our Online Ordering For Restaurants Complete package.

Coupon Management

Our coupon code generator allows your Online ordering system to create personalized coupons for customers as per their preferences and buying behavior. So if a customer is a fan of the garlic bread served at your restaurant, our system will create a specialized coupon where he can his favorite dish for free on his next order. Isn’t it just another way to tempt your loyal customers to order from your website even if they didn’t plan to initially? We think coupons, discounts, and personalized offers help a lot in increasing the average online order size which is not possible with phone orders. Use this to push some of your more expensive menu items.

And back to growth!

The concept of online ordering is not new, but gaining momentum due to increasing dependability of customers on digital platforms. An in-house online ordering system is a great way to amplify your brand. Customers are twice as likely to order from your website if you are able to appeal their indulgent sides. With an effective online ordering system for restaurants, you optimize your digital menu using analytics to showcase the items that are selling more, as well as promote those with a higher value. Offer an attractive discount only with a minimum purchase to keep your average order size high. This way you are likely to get a few extra items per cart.

Want to know how Restolabs’ online ordering works?

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