7 Tips for Training Staff to Manage Online Ordering Technology

Everyone is getting online, but not everyone is able to reap the benefits of the system - hard reality, but true! Pivoting to online ordering and delivery to meet the current demand of the customers doesn’t just involve integrating the latest online ordering system with the existing POS. In fact, it starts from there!

The biggest step is to train your staff on how to use this new technology in the right way.

Whether you are soaring in sales for takeout orders, or just beginning to get some orders - spending some time to create and streamline processes at the backend will go a long way in increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Employees who don’t have the experience to handle online orders or aren’t technology-friendly might feel overwhelmed with all the major operational changes. This is the time to help them adapt by training them in the right way.

Here are the top 7 tips for training your staff to manage online ordering technology.

Create a training plan with clear goals

Begin with creating a training plan with clear and concise goals. Set achievable targets for each employee, but remember not to make them overly challenging. You don’t want to put them off, especially when they are struggling with their own share of difficulties. Customize the plan by keeping track of what worked and what didn’t for your restaurant. This will help you to create the best plan for the successful implementation of the new infrastructure.

Respect their schedule and availability. Ask them to dedicate a few hours every day on the job to learn the new skill, and clearly outline the rollout method you intend to use.

If required, divide your plan into phases, and set a time limit for each phase. Stick to these timelines strictly as you start training.

Talk about the benefits to employees

As mentioned earlier, your staff must feel confident about the new approach and strategies devised by the management to stay afloat. Communicate about all the benefits of having a new technology. They’ll get excited about the benefits of the new integration and will be fully on board when training starts.

Don’t just talk about the accelerations that the new process will bring to the organization, but also how the staff is going to benefit from it.

Tell your employees exactly how the new online ordering technology will make their lives easier, how it’s going to bring in the revenue, and streamline workflows. Some benefits may include less phone calls time for orders, faster turnover, happier customers, and better tips.

Don’t forget to mention that getting hands-on with the new technology is only going to add value to their experience as the entire industry takes the digitization route. This is perhaps the best opportunity for them to grow in their field.

Include interactive demos

The best way to teach something is to provide your staff with live demonstrations and give them access to the trials that your online ordering system provider offers.

Demonstrate the online ordering process, right from the start to finish. Show them everything they need to know about online orders, customizations, personalised offers, analytics and of course, delivery trackers. Help them see the big picture through visuals and interactive content. If possible, give access to the dummy account so they can practice at their own pace, even post the work hours.

Conduct role-play sessions

Fun activities must be a part of your training plan, and conducting live practice sessions on how orders are placed, and how to efficiently complete them is a fun idea you can design many activities for. Let your employees log in to the online ordering system and place test orders as if they are customers. Ask them to place simple orders, custom orders, include special notes or suggestions, and so on. Let them get hands-on experience on how the system looks and feels from a user's perspective.

Knowing the customer journey on the online ordering platform will also help your staff to guide your customers through the process. Ask them to customize their test orders so they can get a hang of all customizable features.

Conduct special sessions for different stations

The best trainer doesn't use the same training style for each individual team member. After you're done training your staff on the basics of your Online Ordering Technology, the next step is to divide the group into different categories. Train these diversified segments on things most pertinent to their job.

For example, You may have to

Encourage them to raise their concerns and challenges with the new system and assist them with effective resolutions. Provide each employee with a script that answers queries relevant to their department. For instance, preparation time, how to cancel the order, how to add special tips after placing an order, tracking delivery driver, and so on. The point of special training sessions is to ensure that while every employee has a brief understanding of your online ordering technology, they also know the ins and outs of their individual part and roles.

Teach them how to differentiate between dine-in and online orders

Differentiating between in-house tickets and online orders is very important, especially when orders are peaking. You don't want an angry dine-in customer who is furious about waiting for too long. In most cases, your ticket printer should be able to perform this task automatically. However, if there's no such system in place, create a simple manual one - like using a colored highlighter for dine-in orders, and explain it to your staff.

Organize follow-through training sessions

Your training does not stop at teaching everything you need to. The learning process continues well beyond the launch date. Having follow-through training sessions is very important in order to see if your training is working. Follow-through sessions can be lined up every week, or once in a fortnight.

These sessions must include active participation from all your staff members. Take their feedback and address the challenges with the system. Let them ask questions, and assist them with effective resolutions.

Create a positive problem-solving attitude amongst your staff and boost their energies with these follow-through sessions.

Online Ordering Technology is here to stay, for good. Set your online ordering systems for your restaurant, and get the most out of it by training your staff the right way.