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The restaurant industry is gearing up for the new world, the NEXT WORLD, and Ghost Kitchens are dominating the landscape, expected to be a whopping $1 trillion business by 2030. 

But running a successful Cloud Kitchen needs an efficient, robust Cloud Technology to establish an integrated system between the kitchen, customers, delivery teams, and vendors. 

Restolabs provides you just that - a seamless cloud infrastructure that never lets you down! 

Why is Restolabs the right technology partner for your cloud kitchen?

Flexible Branding Options
Having a branded online presence is a must to create a strong connection with customers. Customize your online store with your logo, colors, and banners with easy drag n’ drop functionality.

Menu Management at your Fingertips
Add, delete or highlight menu items with 1 tap, from any device. The beauty of a digital menu is that you can make as many changes as you’d like to boost seasonal sales. 

Easy Integrations with Delivery Channels
Whether you opt for in-house delivery, or flat-fee third-party delivery, or both, our platform seamlessly integrates with all delivery channels that ensure error-free, and fast deliveries.  

Customer Accounts for Fast Checkout 
Retain high customer loyalty and satisfaction with customer accounts that allow you to keep a track of order history, and payment preferences. 

Customer Data for Personalized Marketing
 Know what your customers love to order with strong analytics and accurate data on their preferences, and spending habits

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