Why does online ordering work for restaurants ?

Ever wondered why some items on the menu sell better online?

As online ordering becomes a major player in the restaurant business, it also offers a technology that provides the consumer an unparalleled access and comfort.

The outcome is - a completely new consumer and a market.

This makes online ordering even more effective and crucial for the restaurant business.

One of the major psychological aspects of online ordering is customer’s convenience.When people order online, they do it at (their) ease. They have more time to spend on the menu, as compared to ordering in person where the customer feels pressured as she takes more time to order, while someone is waiting for her order.

When ordering online, people have a better chance to learn about the food they are ordering.

The online menu is interactive, as it contains images, videos or reviews of the food items. This also encourages the customer to order new items which they wouldn’t have ordered over the phone or in person.

While presenting the menu online, a restaurant can offer a bunch of options to people and people can take their time going through this menu and order items as they please. When people order online, they like to customize their order. They add items “add-on” to their order. For e.g. while ordering pizza many people add extra cheese or spice.

Some observed that online ordering results in up selling of items such as appetizers.

While ordering online people order appetizers, salads, dessert and other things they don’t normally order over the phone.

These items which cost a couple of bucks extra are ordered by customers as they order a meal or a combo.

In this way, the people experience more from the menu and order more.

The restaurants can gather crucial data of online ordering

In this world of Big Data and analytics, data is the imprint of every electronic device.

These sets of data are precious and have the power to - make or break a business. For a restaurant that uses online ordering, It is easier to keep track of this data and compile it to know about the various trends.

In this way, the restaurants can know which item on their menu is most popular, or which items are ordered more in combos and what time do they receive most orders.

This data can help to answer two very important questions.

  1. What the preferences of an individual customer?
  2. What is the larger preference of the market?

Keeping these points in mind the restaurant can strategize to provide the most optimum service while earning maximum profits.


  • The benefits of ordering online are not just limited to customer’s convenience and gathering data.

  • Research shows that online ordering provides better satisfaction to customers.

  • People these days are linked by the social media platforms.

  • And, if your customer is satisfied then it benefits you in form of free word-of-mouth advertising on these platforms.

  • Combining these two powerful tools you can create a happy experience for your customer, ensuring that she frequents your place and spreads out your message.