Why do customers love online ordering?


Keeping the customer, always happy can be a really difficult task.


This was a major problem for restaurant managers. But with online ordering, restaurants can easily cater to the needs of their customers.


The popular demand of online ordering has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way restaurant do business.


Customers really love the convenience offered by online ordering


Online ordering saves a lot of time.


Earlier, most of the orders were taken over the phone. (Now very few are taken over phone)


Where the customer has to pick up the phone and meanwhile stop doing whatever she was doing and then place the order.


And at the restaurant’s end, someone is supposed to note the order heard over the phone.


But we know that the kitchen is not a very ambient place during the rush hours. In this process, there can be chances for error.


When the customer orders in their convenience, they are likely to explore the menu in detail.


They will read through the menu and order appetizers, salads, drinks that they don’t usually order.


Online ordering helps the customer to try new items and combinations that are unlikely to be ordered in-person or over the phone.


Online ordering provides a platform to the customer, where she can select the items on her discretion, taking the all the time she requires to go through the online menu.


Online ordering frees up time for a better in house service


We know that it is really hard to spare someone from the staff to take orders just for the rush hour.


Either you need to hire someone to specifically take orders at the counter or spare someone from the staff for the job.

Customers will love online ordering. But, guess what? Your staff will really appreciate it, too.


When they don't have to spend scribbling orders on the notepad they can provide quality service to the customers in the store.


This extra attention and better service will definitely send your customer with a smile, and satisfied.


The online ordering experience is supplemented by social media platforms


Going online also opens many other ways to customer engagement.


A satisfied customer will write positive reviews.


You can take this engagement to the next level by being active on the social media and providing discounts and deals to your customers.


We all like to feel special and pampered. So, when we see such discounts in our social media feeds or e-mail subscription, we definitely love it.


These loyalty programs will eventually, help you to create loyal customers.