Tech In Flash: Can't choose what to eat? Turn to Google

Google has made our lives much easier and it seems like it never wants to stop doing that. With incredibly useful new features being added up every week on its wide range of products, Google surely is on a mission to make our lives, a little easier than yesterday. It is changing the way business is done, in almost every industry, right from the perception, a business builds on social media, to customer experience and engagement.

Google's announcement of a range of new products and features at Google's I/O event in Mountain View, California has caught the attention of restaupreneurs - with its new Google lens application feature. Here's all you need to know about the new feature.

Remember how you no longer need to ask people for directions and just turn to Google Maps to go to just about anywhere? Well, the same goes for your food choices now!

With the new Google lens application feature, you can read (and understand what food the menu's talking about) the menu and get all relevant data like - what's the most popular dish on the menu? What are the most loved dishes by the locals and the non-locals and a couple of pictures of the dish you're interested in along with the reviews left by previous customers!

And what should you do?

All you've really got to do is to point your lens at the restaurant's menu, tap the Google lens feature and voila - your device transforms into a smart virtual assistant providing useful relevant information which will help you choose what to eat. We believe that this feature is especially useful while traveling when we honestly just cannot understand what's on the menu. So, what not to expect in your next vacation? Awkward conversations with the hotel staff trying to figure out what to choose on the menu because well, Google has covered us. Thanks to Google.

Google didn't make it clear if these suggestions and recommendations would be personalized or not. So, that's something we should wait to know. But we're sure, Google will soon make its way to providing personalized recommendations too.

Think about finding the perfect vegan dish on the menu without even making a conversation with the waiter on foreign land? Google has yet again left us wondering - can it be any easier?