Restaurants Foray into M-Commerce

What’s the easiest and quickest way for restaurants to turn their mere customers and clients into fans?!
Recent surveys conducted by a group of social scientists state that the advent of m-commerce and collaboration of online ordering systems with it is resulting in the multiplying of clients for eateries all over the world. Specially when restaurateurs pay special attention to the needs of patrons of online ordering via mobiles, it becomes a bonus advantage.

Amongst the myriads of privileges that m-commerce has to offer, the most common ones that are popular among clients and marketers alike, are generating a higher response rate, promoting and popularizing mobile marketing campaigns at nominal prices, being capable of collecting relevant and accurate consumer data, accurately reaching the target along with satisfying customers, etc. Moreover the fact that it helped in effective and efficient customer relationship management due to restaurants having maintaining two-way communication with their clients, is pretty noticeable.

Benefits posed by the development of m-commerce are many to be named.

  • The fact that most mobile phone users are just a call or a text message away from each other is one of the most exploited benefits of m-commerce. This is in exclusion of the availability of all other media sources. Moreover, with almost 100% mobile phone penetration, conversations and hence promotions are possible at all points of time thus boosting mobile ordering for restaurants.

  • Because hordes of people all over the world are on their phones all the time, any kind of communication that is conveyed by restaurants and eateries doesn’t get lost among a pile of spam. It becomes more prominent rather. Hence, food joints that are exploring the benefits of mobile commerce are enjoying a drastic rise in success of marketing strategies than those that don’t utilize mobile commerce.

  • Very much unlike traditional methods of marketing, which includes communicating via SMS’s, MMS’s, newsletters, etc this can offer information to consumers while interacting with them in a more informal manner, thus building the customer relationship. This makes clients stay interested in the online ordering systems as well as continue their liasioning with the eatery. Hence, they feel like they’re a part of the brand than a distant spectator.

  • M-commerce is also advantageous simply because it’s much easier and uncomplicated to develop content for mobile phones. It’s not just less time-consuming but also quite inexpensive. The best part about it is that the consumers can carry the information everywhere with them and use when needed.

  • Tracking user response is a pivotal thing that every marketer ensures doing. Mobile commerce or m-commerce helps a lot in doing this instantaneously, in a much easy manner, that too. Therefore, standards of service are improved due to users being understood in a much better manner.

  • The ease of action that’s offered to consumers (i.e. easier handling of online ordering systems or simpler access to offers) is one of the best things that m-commerce offers us. All of this makes for a simplistic, user-friendly experience for customers.

  • The latest mobile-paying technology that’s being worked upon is the newest reason to swoon over as using features like mobile ordering for restaurants become much more suitable and appropriate for users.

All said and done, restaurants should pay heed and indulge themselves in mobile commerce as it’s the future of marketing everywhere.