How online ordering beats the competition

Online ordering has become a vital part of the food industry.

Evidently, users who search for food from a phone or tablet have a conversion rate nearing 90 percent.

Getting your restaurant go together with an online ordering system will give you a better edge over the competition.

Users spend a lot of time on these devices to do their daily tasks and beyond. A recent Nielsen group study reveals that an average American spends half a day staring at the screen. A good way to let your brand be known is to have your own online ordering system and outperform your competition in 5 ways.

What do we do online?

The answer to that question is - ‘Everything’!

Online is where your customers are, so it is the place to take your business to and give it the exposure it deserves.

Your potential customers spend a majority of their time online. So, it is necessary for you to have an established presence there. Customers will thoroughly research you online before ordering from your restaurant. Having a website is vital for your survival but having an online ordering system will give you an edge over your competition.

It will bring your brand closer to your customers - and put you a few clicks away.

A 100 % accuracy in receiving orders

Yes, it is possible with online ordering.

You will know exactly what the customer has ordered without fail. Unlike, receiving orders over phone online ordering software will take care of receiving the orders from the customers and relaying it accurately to the kitchen staff.

As the software manages the orders, it will save you from having a staff member dedicated to receiving orders over the phone during the rush hour.

And, a customer who gets the order as she wanted will always be a happy customer.

Your staff will rejoice the lesser stress

As your staff spends less time on the phone and more time helping out the in-house guests, In-house experience will blossom.

Even best of the servers can get an order wrong. And especially during the peak hours when there is an immense pressure to attend to that more in much lesser time.

Having an online ordering software will let them know that you appreciate their work and care for them.

This also puts less pressure on the staff during the peak hours and they can look forward to working at a better-suited pace to increase the quality of the services offered.

Customizing marketing and promotion for your customers

A good online ordering software has many built-in features that help you to know your customers better. Yes, data is crucial to any marketing strategy and these systems let you access all this data and optimise it to run better campaigns to affect potential customers. With such features, you can understand about the way your customers order online. You can have preset combos for your customer, help her to discover other items on the menu.

And even throw in a discount on their favorite dessert when they haven’t visited you in a long time.

The opportunities for your brand allied with an online ordering software are endless.

Customer Satisfaction

If you let someone order food from their place, in their time without any pressure, and with their mind only on your menu. They will adore you for that.

Having an online ordering system speaks ‘loud’ for your brand and, that you care for your customers.

When customers order online, they have time to take a better look at your menu. Usually, when customers come to your restaurant they are under some pressure to order and not take a lot of the server’s time. It is this courtesy that sometimes hinders them to order after taking a good look at the menu.

While your customers are online they have ample time to check the menu and read the descriptions and the reviews posted by other customers.

They interact with the menu and often try things that they wouldn’t have ordered in person.

This gives a better sense of control to your customers. And, online ordering becomes a silver lining for you. A happy customer will always return and recommend you to her friends.