How to build a compelling online presence

One of the reasons that you started your restaurant was your undeniable passion for food and the sensation of joy that your food brings to people.

It is important that the food you serve always brings a smile.

As the presence of your guests should never be taken for granted, to establish a prospering business it is important that your guests feel invited at your restaurant. It is important to get their attention and keep it. These days there are many convenient tools to get this job done.

  • What do you think that most of the people have in common with you?​​​​​​​
  • How will these hungry customers find out about your restaurant and its delicious food?

The answer is Internet!

Yes, billions of us are online and use the internet for a variety of daily tasks. We ask Google many things and it responds to our queries with the most astonishing details to sometimes, mundane facts.

When you selected a location for your restaurant, you must have tried to find a place that is bustling with people. A location which is accessible by most in your locality.

The hard fact is that nothing will damage you more than anonymity. You need to be out there, most of us are online, much of your competition is online and are establishing their presence.

But the actual difference lies not just following this online trend but to do it properly and by all means in your own style.

Getting a dedicated website

This will establish your unique menu online, a dedicated site goes beyond presenting the restaurant online. It has the power to establish your brand in the locality and give people the reason to choose your restaurant over others. A website that is easy to use but doesn’t fail to showcase the creative side will definitely impress people and get them through your doors.

Don’t stop at the website

​​​​​​​ Now that people see your restaurant out there, do a favor to your customers. Give them the privilege to order online. Many of us like to take the food and eat it at the house or in the car or at any familiar place. It will help them to save a lot of time and they will respect you for that.

Social Media platforms enable a direct association with your customers

A good website will definitely attract attention but a website is limited when it comes to establishing direct contact with your customers.

When people love your food, they often share the experience online by posting an image of your dish. This is potentially a free marketing opportunity for your restaurant. Engage your audience with sneak peek ins of your kitchen, offer discounts to customers who spread the word online.

These platforms have an unprecedented advantage that you should not miss out on, reach your audience 24/7. It is the place to let people know about your restaurant.


The online presence is a definitely a good tool to get your story out there. People respond better when they connect to it.

Do not limit yourself to websites and social media platforms. Go beyond this by presenting a unique online storefront that captures your inspiration to start your restaurant. A lot of restaurants are online but many of them don’t establish this presence properly.

Give yourself the edge over others and establish your restaurant’s online presence properly by developing long time relationships with your customers over the food you both appreciate.