Grubhub, Is It Worth?

Does it hurt every time you pay 10% of your sales to portals like Grubhub, Foodpanda and others out there? Does it hurt to see your customers going to these portals and getting lured by deals of other restaurants? If Yes, Sign up now for having your own online ordering solution to cater to your customers personally, Sending them deals that they would enjoy to have it from you and not pay any commission for them.

Why having your own online ordering system benefits:

I am sure the thought must have occurred many a times, but gets ignored; of course running restaurant operations doesn’t leave you much time to think. Do not ignore it for long because it will be too late by the time you realize your business is being slowly eaten away by companies like Grubhub and your competitors.

Today every customer’s mobile is as close to him as breathing for living.

Imagine your customer likes your food and every time he wants to come to you, you are not directly interacting with him but sending him here and there, how annoying that can be for your customer. It has been proved that having an online ordering system increases the repeat customer upto 70%. If he loves your food he isn’t going anywhere unless you push him away.

Ask yourselves “How happy does it make you when for your own food you have to pay a commission to portals like Grubhub, sometimes the amount going upto double digits. You can’t surely punish your customers by increasing price. An online Ordering system will let you know your customers more personally than you would know them when they are with you in the restaurant. You will have all recorded data of which customer likes to order what items, how frequently he visits the restaurant, you can send your customers deals that they will enjoy based on data you have.

Just having an online ordering system is not sufficient, you need to figure out which system would be easy to use, manage and run for your staff and you. The simpler it is, more fun you will have using it. It needs to be completely error free and convenient for your customers to place order on. The navigation too plays a very important role.

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