What are the Benefits of Using DoorDash Drive?

Online ordering is experiencing meteoric growth, and restaurants are adopting direct-to-consumer delivery trends to connect with customers digitally. Today's restaurant owners understand the importance of satisfying customers' high expectations, but feel highly skeptical of owning their own fleet of drivers to fulfill delivery orders.

Guess what? DoorDash heard your request and started DoorDash Drive that handles last-mile delivery requests coming through restaurant’s own online ordering system. DoorDash Drive gives restaurants an organized platform to offer delivery without having to manage their own fleet of drivers.

So basically, you have your own website, your customers are ordering food from your restaurant web/app and DoorDash Drivers would pick up the order from your restaurant and deliver it to your customers - easy, peasy, right!

Now imagine the amount of commissions you save you save on each order. And the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house fleet of drivers.

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If you use Restolabs Online Ordering System for online orders, you can seamlessly integrate DoorDash Drive without investing in a software, tool or even a tablet to manage all your delivery orders.

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Benefits Of DoorDash Drive

Now more than ever, customers prefer online ordering instead of dine-in. A study published by Nation's Restaurant News in the US said that 77% of customers said variety in food and delivery speed are the two most important factors that help them determine which restaurant to choose.

But to enter the online delivery market, you've to hire a fleet of drivers, which can be challenging and time-consuming.

Given the high competition and stress of staying ahead, hiring and overseeing in-house drivers can be cumbersome. That's where DoorDash Drive comes into the picture.

DoorDash Drive integrates with your online ordering system to help customers place and receive their orders as soon as possible. Let's have a closer look at why delivery service like DoorDash Drive is beneficial for restaurants.

On-Demand Delivery

With DoorDash Drive, you can leverage the extensive Dasher network and let your customers enjoy their meals in the comfort of their homes. Not only do the ready-to-go Dashers deliver meals on time, but they also ensure that customers feel valued by their service.

The success of your online business will heavily depend on how fast you deliver orders. And the fast delivery of DoorDash Drive service can offer you the peace of mind that your restaurant's reputation is safe.

Seamless POS Integration

DoorDash Drive can seamlessly integrate with your existing POS and Online Ordering System That being said, all the necessary information will flow from DoorDash to your POS for better management. And the best part? It's hassle-free!

The seamless integration allows restaurants to quickly and easily access the deliverable reports fulfilled by Dashers. Having all the necessary information in one place removes the guesswork from running a restaurant and helps you make the right decisions faster.

Zero Commission Fee

Working with an online delivery service is cost-effective for restaurants that wish to scale their business in the tech-savvy world.

Instead of paying the high in-house staffing costs, you can work with a delivery platform that charges a flat fee per order. The DoorDash Drive program charges around USD 7 or CAD 8.50 per order delivery.

Not to mention no signup, subscription, or hidden fees of DoorDash Drive ensure that you can save your hard-earned dollars and utilize money on what matters — your restaurant growth.

Better Customer Experience

Customers are not fond of waiting in a queue to get their meals delivered to their tables. Also, it can be tricky for restaurants to serve customers on time during peak hours.

DoorDash Drive allows customers to place their meal orders for immediate delivery or schedule them for later. That means your restaurant will be a go-to option for people who want to order delicacies and enjoy them immediately or later.

On the other hand, customers ordering food for a specific event can pick the time or schedule their orders right from the online ordering systems for restaurants and get the order delivered on time, every time by the Dashers.

When you improve your customer service, you get loyal customers that keep returning to your restaurant. Furthermore, pre-ordering helps prevent any inconvenience in ordering meals or delivery, enhances table turnover, and minimizes delays to improve overall customer service. The staff can focus on preparing meals quickly and efficiently, while DoorDash Drive will take care of delivery.

Smooth Operations

If you think scheduled DoorDash Drive orders are beneficial only for your diners, here's a catch. Pre-ordering can help you control staffing and other requirements.

Scheduled orders allow you to run your business smoothly and better manage the workflow. In addition, predictable meal orders help you figure out the labor costs and make wise decisions.

Instead of hiring more/less than required or preparing meals more/less, you can predict the number of orders and handle time and resources accordingly. When you manage your resources efficiently, you can hedge against your competitors.

How To Integrate DoorDash Drive Into Your Online Ordering System?

Diners are looking for ways to help them cope with their busy lifestyles. An online ordering system that integrates with a delivery system like Restolabs, is a versatile digital solution that give your business the edge over others - in terms of both reach and profitability.

Below we have illustrated how DoorDash Drive can seamlessly work with online ordering systems to boost your profit margins.

Customers Place Their Orders

Online restaurant ordering systems allow customers to browse the menu and place their orders directly. Then, they can choose either pickup or doorstep delivery from the ordering system.

When customers pick the doorstep delivery option, DoorDash Drive assigns dashers to pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to your customers with no hassle. Diners can even schedule delivery for a later time within the system.

The best part about a feature-rich online ordering system is that customers can make meal payments online. This adds convenience to their overall experience and makes your restaurant stand out.

System Dispatches Delivery Drivers

As soon as the customer places a meal order, the online ordering system connects with DoorDash delivery.

DoorDash will manage drivers and dispatch them to your venue after the customers place the order. As a result, you can focus on preparing meals on time and formulate strategies to loop in existing and new customers without worrying about finding drivers and assigning them tasks.

Logistics Handling

Once you pack and hand over the food to the DoorDash driver, the rest of the delivery concerns will be handled by DoorDash.

They'll take care of confirmation texts and estimated arrival times to give a delightful customer experience. Thus, you can rest assured that the complete online experience will help you gain the trust of your customers.

If you are convinced enough to choose an online delivery system like DoorDash Drive at your restaurant but do not have an online ordering system, RestoLabs is all you need. The online ordering solution helps you to take advantage of DoorDash Drive and serve your customers better.

You can explore the features to better understand how RestoLabs can help you make your business go digital.

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If you already use Restolabs Online Ordering System, all you need to do is integrate DoorDash Drive from your dashboard. You can also connect with tech team to help with the integration. It’s absolutely free, and we are always happy to help! 🙂

Wrapping Up

DoorDash Drive and a robust online ordering system are the need of the hour. Not only will it help your restaurant cater to the ever-evolving customer demand, but it will also help you deliver the convenience they're looking for.

RestoLabs is a feature-packed online ordering system that offers a user-friendly dashboard, multi-lingual menu, real-time order notification, smooth integrations, , and a lot more.

The coupon builder and integrated reward programs help you scale your business and build a solid customer base with high retention rates. This allows your restaurant to expand its market share, serve more customers digitally, and improve its profit margins.

So start your 90 Day Free Trial or request a demo to kick-start your online delivery business!