Should you get a Branded Mobile Ordering App for your Restaurant?

Gone are the days when customers had to call in their orders or visit a restaurant in person. Nowadays, people prefer to order their meals through their smartphones, which is quick and convenient. On the other hand, restaurants have realized that it absolutely doesn't make sense to keep paying 40% commission on every order.

So what's the solution?

Investing in technology has helped businesses grow and has given customers a better experience. In the age of mobile phones, having a branded mobile ordering app for your restaurant is like having your business at your customers' fingertips. Not only is it convenient for customers to place their orders online through the app, but it also helps your restaurant build a direct relationship with them. Plus, a branded mobile app allows you to eliminate the costs and commissions charged by third-party applications. With your own app, you can receive customer orders directly and avoid the extra expenses of intermediaries.

All in all, a branded mobile ordering app is a great way to increase customer engagement and boost sales.

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Curious to know how branded mobile apps can help you expand the market and climb to the top? Let's have a look below!

Reasons To Choose Branded Mobile Ordering App

Zero Commission Fee

When you use a third party app, you typically have to pay a commission on every order that is placed through that app. This can add up over time, especially if you receive a high volume of orders. By using your own branded mobile ordering app, you can avoid these commissions and keep more of the revenue from each order.

Instead of paying a hefty commission, integrating branded mobile apps allows you to connect directly with your customers. The commission-free choice accelerates business growth while helping you to save resources.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Retaining customers is an essential and a less costly venture than attracting new diners. Having a native mobile ordering app allows you to offer your customers a direct and convenient way to place their orders, which means you get direct access to customer data that you can use to deliver personalized experience. This could include recommending menu items based on previous orders, offering personalized promotions or discounts, and more. This helps establish a direct relationship with customers and build brand loyalty, which can lead to more repeat business and ultimately help your restaurant increase the bottom line.

Run Marketing Campaigns

You can also use your branded mobile ordering app to offer loyalty rewards or other perks to your customers. This could include things like discounts, free items, or other incentives for repeat business. By offering rewards, you can encourage customers to continue using your app and increase their loyalty to your restaurant.

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No Wait Times

With mobile ordering, customers can place their orders on their own devices, pay for their meals, and choose a pickup time that works for them. This can reduce the amount of time they have to spend waiting in line or at the restaurant.

In addition, mobile ordering also allows restaurant staff to bypass the traditional order and payment process, which in turn help them prepare orders more efficiently and reduce wait times for customers.

However, it's important to note that mobile ordering may not necessarily reduce wait times for all restaurants or in all situations. It may depend on factors such as the volume of orders, the efficiency of the restaurant's operations, and the availability of staff and resources.

Eliminates Human Error

No matter how well-trained and experienced your team is, mistakes can happen. However, technological advantage can help you hedge against the competition and take some tasks off your team's shoulders.

For instance, an online ordering system with a brand-new mobile app helps you leave monotonous tasks to the software. Branded mobile ordering apps free up your team's time, so they can focus on other essential tasks, such as preparing and packing meals.

Increased Average Order Size

When selecting menu items on phones, customers can order without the fear of judgment. They get ample time to explore the menu, read the item description thoroughly, and leverage the benefit of no-rush ordering. As a result, this comfort and convenience given to customers will likely result in large order placement from the customers' end.

Do you want to stop paying commissions for mobile orders?

As smartphone usage and the convenience of mobile apps are luring customers, restaurants need to capitalize on technology to stay ahead. The branded mobile ordering app for your restaurant will help you increase your profit margins and be better equipped for the tech-savvy future.

RestoLabs' online ordering system and mobile ordering application directly connects you to your customers, so you can drive more commission-free orders, and build lasting relationships. Take the next step by booking a LIVE, no obligation demo with Restolabs' Customer Reps.

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