Top 10 AI Marketing Tools for Restaurant Marketing

It's 2024—if you're still not using AI marketing tools for your restaurant, you're leaving money on the table. 

From analyzing customer behavior, creating segments, editing images, generating content for different channels, building targeted campaigns, to tracking marketing KPIs—AI tools can automate a large chunk of your daily tasks. 

And the result? You can scale your restaurant faster, maintain high customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. 

Whether you need a gentle nudge to maximize your business potential, or you're actively looking to build an AI-powered restaurant marketing tech stack from ground zero, we are here to help. 

In this article, we have picked our favorite AI marketing tools that’ll boost efficiency and give you a break from mundane work. Let's sprinkle some AI magic to turn your marketing strategy into a five-star feast! 

Benefits of using AI marketing tools for restaurant marketing 

Let's see how AI marketing tools can give a facelift to your restaurant marketing game: 

1. Automate repetitive tasks

When your bandwidth is full of busywork, you hardly get time to focus on core marketing strategy. This is where AI marketing tools come in handy. They automate repetitive tasks within very little time, free up your time, and boost the overall efficiency of your team as well as your marketing processes. 

2. Personalize at scale 

The key to personalization is to understand your customers in and out. Their likes, dislikes, buying patterns, feedback—all these data points are vital in shaping a tailored marketing campaign. AI marketing tools put user data to good use and help you devise targeted strategies. They make it possible to implement personalized campaigns at scale, without compromising on quality. 

3. Reduce overhead costs

AI tools take care of the routine chores that are necessary in your workflow, with little or no human intervention. This is a win-win situation for your restaurant business—you don't have to spend hefty amounts on hiring a team to oversee your marketing processes, but the work goes on smoothly. AI-powered marketing apps are especially helpful for one-person marketing teams, as they help the marketer stay productive without feeling overburdened. 

4. Get data-driven insights 

AI tools are constantly evolving to be more accurate at tracking metrics, reporting, and predictions. They keep you up-to-date with how your campaigns are performing, what's the ROI, and help you improve your strategies. And when you make decisions based on data-driven insights, your marketing initiatives are likely to be more successful and drive more revenue. No more guesswork or manual reporting! 

10 best AI marketing tools for restaurant marketing

The AI boom has flooded the market with lots of new marketing tools, but not all of them are worth the hype. We did some deep digging so you don’t have to, and found the best AI marketing tools for restaurants. Let’s dive in! 

1. ChatGPT

A hot favorite, ChatGPT is a natural language model developed by OpenAI. It works as a virtual conversation companion that can hold a conversation with you, answer your queries, and perform language-based tasks. 

As a restaurant marketer, you can use ChatGPT to generate content ideas, create content for blogs, emails, and social media, and integrate it with your website to engage with customers in real time. 

Key features

  • The tool comprehends and processes human language 
  • Provides coherent responses based on the context of the conversation 
  • It is adept at multiple language-related tasks, such as answering common queries, copywriting, creating marketing materials, and more 
  • Integrates with other apps and websites through its API
  • Helps with generating code snippets based on the instructions provided 


  • Get conversational responses to complex questions 
  • Brainstorm campaign ideas and develop content for different channels
  • Craft personalized messages that appeal to your customers 
  • Develop a custom GPT chatbot and enhance customer interactions by responding to queries in real-time 
  • Analyze industry trends to make your campaigns more impactful 


  • Sometimes generates inaccurate or biased responses 
  • Lacks emotional intelligence
  • Doesn’t have knowledge of recent developments in niche fields   

2. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is a free text-to-speech (TTS) AI tool. Add a text input, and the tool will generate high-quality spoken audio that emulates human voice, in any tone, style, or language. 

If you’re creating video content for your socials, this tool can quickly add human-like voiceovers to your videos and make them more appealing. You can also integrate it with your website or online ordering system and give a voice to your chatbots. 

Key features

  • Creates natural-sounding audio instantly 
  • Adjusts the intonation of delivery based on context 
  • Clones your voice within minutes 
  • Gives you access to voices crafted by others from the voice library 
  • Offers voiceover editing feature using speech-to-speech


  • You can generate audio in 29 languages and 50+ accents 
  • Get polished audio that sounds exactly like human voice 
  • No need to get studio setups or hire voiceover artists 
  • Set the preferred tone for your audio 
  • Make your video content more engaging and professional 


  • Has a learning curve 

3. Sora 

Sora is a text-to-video AI model that creates realistic videos based on text inputs. The tool can develop one-minute-long high-quality videos imitating the real world. Only a small group of researchers have access to the platform at the moment. Once Sora becomes ready for public use, you can create video content and ads without spending a fortune on video production. 

Key features

  • Simulates the real world through videos 
  • Maintains video quality without losing the context of the text prompts 
  • Can understand complex scenarios with multiple characters
  • Has a deep understanding of language and emotions 
  • Can create multiple shots for a single video without affecting consistency 


  • Automate the entire video production process 
  • Cut down video production time
  • Make your videos look realistic 
  • Save production costs 


  • Cannot navigate specific cause-and-effect relationships 
  • There can be safety issues if the tool is used with wrong intentions 

4. Jasper 

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that helps you write blog posts, website content, emails, social media posts, captions, and more. It’s also a great tool for creating targeted marketing campaigns from scratch. You can run your restaurant’s content marketing campaigns on autopilot with Jasper while maintaining a consistent brand voice. 

Key features

  • The tool creates a complete marketing campaign from a single brief 
  • Emulates your brand’s tone and style to create on-brand content 
  • Generates ideas through chats, answers your queries, and remembers the context  
  • Generates images based on your prompts
  • Supports 30+ languages 


  • The platform is easy to use 
  • You can automate the entire copywriting and content development process 
  • Create marketing campaigns at scale in very little time 
  • Get access to resources to understand AI models better 
  • Suitable for teams of all sizes across different industries  


  • Expensive subscription plans 
  • Generates repetitive content at times 

5. Photoroom 

Photoroom is an AI-powered background editor that removes backgrounds from your images instantly and replaces them with a background of your choice. It also offers other editing options—you can add emojis or texts to make the image suitable for use. Restaurant marketers can use this tool for quickly editing photos to ensure they’re tailor-made for your website, social media, or marketing campaigns. 

Key features

  • Gives a professional touch to your images 
  • Removes image background without any coding 
  • Resizes images into the right format 
  • Enhances images with filters and color and sharpness adjustments
  • Fosters collaboration with team members through comments


  • Easy to use 
  • Works instantly 
  • You can use the tool on desktop and mobile devices 
  • Edit images in batches 


  • Interface feels cluttered

6. CurateIt 

CurateIt is an AI-powered bookmark manager that helps you save web pages, images, social media posts, PDFs, code snippets, and more, in a central repository. Organize the saved content with the tool’s intuitive tagging feature, group them into collections, annotate and highlight the content with different fonts and colors, and manage your digital assets better. Restaurant marketers can use CurateIt to organize inspirations for content, photo shoots, menu ideas, and recipes in one place. Retrieve them anytime you want. 

Key features

  • AI-powered bookmark manager adds tags intuitively 
  • Organize bookmarks into collections for quick retrieval 
  • Add annotations to your saved content 
  • Sync content across devices 
  • Curate private and public collections 


  • Simple user interface 
  • You can organize all of your online resources under one roof
  • Save 20+ content types 
  • Retrieve bookmarks quickly with the universal search option 
  • Share bookmarks with your marketing team and collaborate 


  • Has a steep learning curve 

7. Adzooma 

Adzooma is a digital marketing platform that uses the power of AI to make your ad campaigns more impactful. The tool offers smart recommendations on PPC opportunities, detailed ad performance audits, SEO performance report, and website metrics. Use Adzooma to know how your restaurant’s PPC campaigns are performing, implement bulk changes, and boost ad relevance with in-depth content analysis. 

Key features

  • Analyzes Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads accounts 
  • Monitors ad accounts regularly, offers custom recommendations, and enables you to work on improvements with a few clicks 
  • Manages multiple ad accounts from a single screen 
  • Identifies potential website issues and improves performance to reduce bounce rates
  • Provides SEO insights 


  • Saves time for marketers
  • Empowers you to stay on top of key ad metrics 
  • Boost ROI of PPC campaigns 
  • Identify issues with website or ads, and address them at once 
  • Maintain consistency across paid and organic strategy 


  • Data extracted from ad accounts may not always be accurate
  • User interface feels difficult to navigate 

8. Copilot AI 

This AI-powered sales intelligence tool helps you make the most of LinkedIn leads. It allows you to rank and prioritize leads, analyze their intent, and initiate meaningful conversations. As a restaurant owner, you can use this tool to connect with potential investors or other entrepreneurs and expand your business further. 

Key features

  • Reply Prediction AI prioritizes leads based on conversion potential 
  • Sentiment Analysis AI analyzes intent
  • Smart Reply AI generates contextual messages
  • Personalized Insights AI tailors sales messaging based on the lead’s communication style
  • Meetings Booked AI tracks confirmed meetings by scanning your conversations 


  • You can streamline and automate LinkedIn lead management 
  • Book more meetings and close more deals 
  • Personalize interactions based on data
  • Expand your network with ease 
  • Maximize ROI on cold outreach 


  • Expensive plans 

9. GrowthBar

Powered by ChatGPT-4, GrowthBar combines the convenience of an AI writing tool with the functionality of an SEO tool. It scans the Google SERP to generate SEO-optimized content outlines, and also enables you to develop content with its AI writer. Use this tool to boost your restaurant’s SEO efforts and become discoverable on search engines in no time. 

Key features

  • Creates complete SEO blog outlines with keywords, headings, and internal links
  • Allows collaboration with writers, marketers, and editors within a single platform 
  • Create an SEO-optimized blog of 1500 words in just 2 minutes 
  • Offers visibility into competitors’ keywords, backlink strategy, and Google Ads


  • Easy to use platform 
  • Plan your keywords based on difficulty scores and revenue metrics
  • Simplify SEO content creation and drive results 
  • Scale your content marketing efforts 
  • Know what your competitors are up to and build strategies accordingly


  • Takes a while to understand how to create good prompts

10. Personalize.AI 

Personalize.AI by ZS is a tailored AI platform that you can customize to fit your specific business needs and protocols. It collects customer data from different touchpoints to offer personalized product recommendations, and boosts customer engagement. For your restaurant business, this tool is a useful one for recommending food orders and increasing sales. 

Key features

  • Delivers personalized recommendations based on customer interactions, campaigns, and loyalty programs
  •  Uses automatic feature engineering to identify specific data patterns responsible for the outcomes 
  • Tailored AI can be customized for various business requirements 
  • Offers direct deployment into multiple channels, including email and mobile apps 
  • Ensures personalization at scale 


  • Intuitive platform 
  • You can make the most of customer data to create personalized experiences 
  • Boost upsell, cross-sell, and lifetime value
  • Track purchase patterns to tailor your recommendations 
  • Increase customer engagement 


  • Might feel complex for non-technical teams 

It’s time to uplevel your restaurant marketing strategy

If you want to implement the latest tech solutions in your restaurant marketing strategy, there’s no better alternative to AI marketing tools. But before you get started with these tools, you first need to build a solid digital presence for your restaurant. Being visible online builds credibility, helps your customers order food directly from you, and improves your bottom line. 

Want to set up an online ordering system for your restaurant? Restolabs can be a great pick. It’s a commission-free platform that allows you to set up a fully customized, on-brand food ordering system. With POS, delivery, and payment integrations, Restolabs helps you deliver stellar customer experience and bumps up your sales. Schedule a demo to know more!