Mobile Apps and How They Drive Your Revenue

With mobile technology touching almost every facet of our lives today and people all over the world hyper-connected to their jazzy Smartphone all the time, the restaurant industry is progressing in leaps and bounds, all thanks to the seamless mobile experience that their customers are enjoying.

With m-commerce doing the rounds, restaurants these days, have already outpaced other industries when it comes to embracing the entire mobile revolution that is taking the whole hospitality business by a storm especially when it comes to features like mobile and online ordering systems.

Among the earliest adopters of interactive mobile technologies, the restaurant industry is reaching its zenith especially when revenue is concerned.

Few ways which could help restaurants multiply their revenue are-

  • With ‘line busting’ becoming a very common trend with the advent of the new age, restaurants, small eateries and even cafes are allowing customers the pleasure of not having to wait in line for picking up food. Now they can simply order meals via custom mobile apps or mobile websites and pay ahead, thus saving a lot of energy and time. This proves to be a major help during peak hours as customers (especially walk-in traffic) are happy with the efficiency and thus revenue increases at sky rocketing rates.

As certain surveys show, even though online or mobile ordering systems are very convenient, custom mobile apps that come with a built-in advance payment facility are a boon as not only customers are satisfied but some employees also get a chance to do other important work as this saves their time too.

  • It has been observed that customers who order via online or mobile ordering systems tend to place larger orders as compared to the ones who phone in to order food. The reasons have been touted as visual imagery helping them in showcasing the delicious food which makes them want to order more or the easy availability of coupons and discounts on those apps and websites. Hence, as order sizes increase, so does restaurant revenue, all thanks to m-commerce.
  • When restaurants stay relevant on their custom mobile apps and websites by keeping their mobile ordering systems updated, their sales increase and hence revenue gets boosted.
  • The advent of m-commerce has brought about an asset in the form of mobile ordering of restaurants. Restaurants have their own mobile ordering systems and websites which help in impacting scheduling at certain occasions, reduce order errors and hence wastage of food as well as decrease a chance of customers not showing up. Indirectly, restaurants’ revenue shoots up.
  • M-commerce comes as a blessing in disguise as it helps fight competition and in certain cases, dwindle their sales. Facilities like quick order delivery via mobile ordering systems, availability of a huge range of offers and discounts, etc. helps uplift revenue and thus takes one’s restaurant to new heights.

With the rise of smartphone-use and development of m-commerce going hand in hand, it is high time for the restaurant business to realize that underestimating technology is making them miss out on a large chunk of revenue.